Avino Primo Window

A timber double glazed window design


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If you are looking for a double glazed window bespoke crafted from timber then the Primo Window from Avino is the option for you.  

The solid timber frames are bespoke made and finished by hand to ensure the highest quality finish to cut and grain. The windows are created from either Oak or Pine to create a lasting window with a classic design. The timber can then be finished in a range of semi-transparent stains, designed to allow the natural texture of the timber to be visible. Alternatively, you can choose to paint the frames in a range of water-based paints.  

The Primo window also offers the option for a full timber finish both inside and outside, not just inside like some composite systems.  

Wood is a natural insulator, so these timber double glazed windows are the perfect option for projects wishing to improve insulation levels. The Primo window is designed for both double and triple glazing. Even when using a typical DGU, the timber window offers Uw values from 1.1 W.m2K. Improved thermal values can be achieved with a TGU which provides Uw values of 0.86 W/m2K upwards.  

Precision-crafted, our timber double glazed window design combines traditional design with modern timber treatment to create a strong, secure and energy-efficient window. 

Whether you are choosing a timber double glazed window for the performance, classical design or character of material, the Primo window offers a simple and effective way to create a bespoke timber window opening.  

The timber profiles can be created into a range of opening types, all designed high the highest quality hinges and ironmongery for a lasting design.  

Modern timber double glazed windows are a wonderful way to maintain the character of a building.  


Timber inside and out

The Avino Primo range has the option to have the timber frame visible inside and out. Thanks to the unique aluminium glazing bead on the outside, you can choose to expose the beauty of the timber frame outside as well as in.  

Unlike other timber double glazed windows, you don’t have to have an external aluminium finish. The aluminium glazing bead protects the weak area of the timber frame, where the glass meets the frame, allowing the rest of the timber frame to be visible.  

This is a great option for those that want to see the timber finish inside and out.  

Timber finishes

The timber frame of the Primo timber window is available in Pine or Oak. These timbers are then available in a range of finishes to suit the project. Thanks to the aluminium glazing bead, this timber finish is the same on the outside.  

Alternatively, you can choose to have an external aluminium finish as a typical composite window. If you choose this option, then the aluminium external can be PPC any RAL colour.  

Timber engineering

When working with timber, there are various ways in which this can be jointed or engineered to create larger or stronger timber structures and frames.  

Finger jointing or cross lamination are the two most popular ways to work with timber to improve its strength. You can find out about the differences between cross lamination and finger jointed timber here.  

The Avino Primo range comes in either cross laminated timber or finger jointed timber depending on the timber requested and the size of the installation.  

Performance of timber double glazed windows

The Avino Primo Window can achieve a Uw value of 0.86 W/m2K with a triple glazed unit. With a double-glazed unit, you would expect to achieve Uw values of 1.1 W/m2K.  

The timber double glazed window is fully tested for air permeability (class 4), wind resistance (class C2-C4) and water tightness (class E1050).  

Opening configurations

These timber double glazed windows are possible in side hung and top hung variations with a balcony door design included in the range.  

Each opening configuration has a slightly different maximum size and size parameters to suit the specific opening type.