Horizontal Timber Louvres

Horizontal Timber Louvres


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This selection of highly engineered external louvres are suitable for high specification build projects where modern exterior shading is required. The horizontal louvres sit externally, providing shade and privacy to all types, shapes and sizes of window.  

Thanks to the fixed nature of the exterior shading, it is suitable for compliance with Building Regulations Approved Document O and the materials chosen for this shading system are all highly sustainable, leading to an eco build project.  

Available in almost any shape and style, the horizontal timber louvres are shaped to each window opening, offering exact and precision shading for interior spaces. The design of exterior louvres is highly modern and provides a high design, European finish to a shading solution.  

Crafted with precision and designed to perfection, this horizontal timber louvre system offers a unique blend of aesthetics and versatility, making it the perfect choice for both residential and commercial applications and looks exquisite alongside timber windows

The horizontal orientation of the louvres creates a visually appealing and modern look, making the Horizontal Timber louvre system a standout feature in any space. Whether you're renovating your home, designing an office space, or revamping a hospitality establishment, these horizontal louvres will effortlessly elevate the ambiance.  

Every building is unique. That is why the horizontal louvres from Avino are available in both western red cedar wood or aluminium. Each material choice offers a unique and highly detailed aesthetic result and is carefully chosen to suit each specific project.  

If aluminium is chosen for the horizontal louvre design then any RAL colour or a range of anodised finishes can be used. Colour choice for the horizontal louvres can be selected to match existing finishes or contrast them, depending on the project requirements.  

Whether aluminium or western red cedar wood is chosen for your louvres, all ironmongery, framing and carriers are aluminium to ensure a smooth rotating action and a durable installation. 

With a range of horizontal timber louvre shapes, our exterior louvre shading systems offer a range of privacy and shading levels. From typical shading suitable for living areas or home offices, to complete black out shading options for bedrooms, the horizontal timber louvres come in a range of designs to suit the project. 

Exact fitting ensures that light is effortlessly controlled through the horizontal timber louvres. The shading system sits across the glass elevation or window to allow full control over the internal atmosphere in terms of light control, privacy, energy efficiency and temperature comfort. 



The horizontal louvre system is available with both timber (western red wood cedar) or aluminium slats. The choice of material allows for greater varieties of applications including harsh environments such as marine environments or direct coastal facing properties.  

If timber is selected for the louvre material, this can be left untreated or a clear UV protection coating can be applied to to the timber to help protect it from UV fading.  

Alternative designs and timber species are possible on request. Please contact the team if you are looking for something specific.

Bespoke Shapes

Horizontal timber louvres are created uniquely for each project. Due to the level of design and detailing expected from an Avino product, the external shading system can be designed to suit the window opening.  

Angled windows and gable end windows are very possible with these horizontal timber louvres. The triangular window shapes are created to exactly fit the window opening for maximum efficiency of external shading.  

A range of light and shading levels

96-E louvres are used for high levels of shading on applications without the need for total blackout. This style of louvre is most popular in living rooms, home offices and dining areas where the ability to shade a space is important, as well as controllable levels of direct light.  

107-E louvres are the blackout louvre option. The design of the louvre allows each element to interlock together, creating that solid external shading structure that provides blackout levels of shading. This design of external louvre is most popular in bedrooms or home cinema designs.  

150-E louvres are flat and square, providing a highly modern exterior design to the horizontal louvre system. The louvre elements turn and overlap, creating shading that is highly suited for large glass facades.  

155-E is another blackout louvre option however, this design has larger slats which then correspond to larger slat spacing when open. The larger structures can provide a more dramatic design.  

98-W and 148-W are Z shaped louvres which connect together to provide high levels of shading. No direct sunlight travels through the Z shaped profiles.

Approved Shading

Under the requirements of Building Regulations Approved Document O, all new build dwellings must have adequate shading to reduce overheating. Fixed exterior shading, which is provided through our horizontal timber louvres, is one of the ways Building Regulations approves for shading.  

The most efficient shading solutions are always fixed on the outside of the building, preventing sunlight and heat to enter the building.  

Maximum Sizes

The timber louvres can be made to any size and shape of opening.

It is not recommended for one singular louvre to extend more than 4m due to stability and movement over time. However, if an opening of over 4m is required breaks and joins within the louvre façade can be used to ensure the shading system spans the required diameters. The supporting structure behind the shading louvres is set at 1m centres across the opening.  

We approach each project individually and can provide tailored advice as to how the shading system should be approached.  

Manual or Automatic

The exterior louvres can be designed as manually operated or automatic. Manual operation louvres can function simultaneously; when you turn one louvre the rest of the louvres turn and move simultaneously. This makes the manual options for shading easier to operate and use for the occupier.  

Support Structure

The structure that holds and moves the timber louvres is made from high grade aluminium, cut and profiled individually to suit the opening and project requirements. Aluminium is a highly durable material and is light weight, allowing for the shading structures to be applied to the outside of any building type.  

The aluminium shading structure is PPC any RAL colour. This allows it to be designed to merge into the building colours or can be contrasting if preferred.