Automatic Awnings

IQ can offer automatic cantilevered awnings for protecting external living areas, provide solar shading, privacy and weather protection.


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Outdoor Living Solutions

Our automatic awnings are part of the IQ Outdoor Living range that can be included in any specialist glazing package. These provide a simple contemporary finish to an external living area on any type of architectural project.

The automatic awning is a great addition to any bespoke glazing package from IQ. It's an excellent external shading method for a glass extension or structural glass roof to provide shading, privacy and weather protection.

Contained within simple, contemporary aluminium cassettes the weather proof awning extends outward on two aluminium arms up to a maximum span of 4m able to protect a roof or patio of 48m2. This aluminium cassette can be powder coated almost any RAL colour to match existing colour schemes or building materials.

Solar Shading

Our contemporary awning designs protect large elevations of architectural glass against inquisitive glances, sunlight and cooling side winds.

This is a cost-effective solar shading solution. The automatic awning is a bespoke, robust cassette and can be mounted practically anywhere. The external awning creates attractive highlights in combination with a state-of-the-art fabrics providing privacy, protection and allowing an outside view during the day. Therefore, the automatic awnings are a flexible solution to solar shading.

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Maximum Sizes

The maximum span of the external shading solution is 4m which is able to protect a roof or patio of up to 48m2


The impervious acrylic based awning material is completely UV stable and blocks between 93% and 99.9% of UV radiation to fully protect any space below from solar heat and light.

Specialised nano-finish to the external surfaces makes the awning effectively maintenance free with dirt unable to adhere to the surface. These specialised shading materials can be provided in a range of bright block colours or patterns if required.

The awning material is available in a range of patterns of colours, please contact us for more information.


Specialised additions can be made to your Awning to create a more useable and habitable external space. LED lights can be installed into the aluminium casement and lead frame to light the below space with up to 30,000 hours of lighting. Vertical valance blinds can be installed into the end aluminium frame to provided added protection and privacy in vertical blinds dropping from the end of the awnings.