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ADL Internal sliding glass doors Range

Internal Sliding Glass Doors

IQ Glass can offer a range of slim framed aluminium internal sliding glass doors. The Line range is one of four from IQ, and although it is only available as a sliding glass door there are many design options available.

The Line internal sliding glass door is ideal for creating a separation between two spaces within the home such as a living space and a home office.

The aluminium framing used for these doors is very slim, combined with glazing that allows the doors to almost disappear when open, maximising the space within the areas. The ADL door range as a whole creates a high-tech and innovative style door.

The aluminium framing used for these Line sliding glass doors allows them to be lightweight, meaning they can easily be opened or closed as well as being sturdy and long-lasting.

Design Options and Integrated Lines

The ADL Line range is available with a number of different glass finishes including clear, frosted, bronze and reflective. By integrating frosted glass into the design, you are able to create a new space that has additional privacy whilst allowing the natural light to pass between the two spaces.

The Line door is only available as a sliding glass door with integrated horizontal aluminium bars which are applied to the face of the glass, creating a line effect for a contemporary design. A crosshatched design can also be integrated to create a Mondrian style design, to match with your luxurious Mondrian external windows and doors.




Specification Information for ADL Internal Sliding Glass Doors

Technical Information for ADL Internal Line Range

The Line internal door is a sliding door system with a unique aluminium frame design.

With a slim aluminium framing design that cuts over the face of the glass, you can create a unique glass door design.

The glass within the internal sliding door is 6mm toughened and is available in a range of finishes for a clear or decorative glass face. The aluminium framing of the door is also available in a range of coloured finishes to suit the internal design of your space.

The sliding door is available in up to 4 sliding tracks and is top hung to allow a seamless door threshold at the base.

Bespoke framing patterns are also available to be designed to create a truly unique door set.

Commercial use


Internal Sliding Glass Doors for Commercial Projects

The Line internal sliding glass door range is perfect for commercial properties including office buildings and hotels.

Integrating these lined sliding doors into your office can create a separation between meeting rooms and the rest of the office space. The horizontal line designed, combined with frosted glazing can provide the desired privacy needed for meeting rooms within the office.

For a hotel, restaurant or wedding venues, these doors can create the ideal separation between communal areas and a private space kept for parties and conferences. This allows the visitors and guests to enjoy the space with their group in private whilst providing easy access to the other areas within the building. 

These doors could also be used to create a stunning internal door design within the space with a broad range of glass and aluminium finishes available to suit any space.


ADL Line Door