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Slim Framed Internal Doors

IQ Glass can now offer a range of slim framed, internal doors. These doors are available with a broad range of configurations and designs for each of the ranges including the Piana, Line, Mitika and Filomuro doors.

Each of these ranges provides a different style and design within the home and are ideal for creating a separation between two rooms such as a living space and a home office.

The super slim framing and glazing is configured in a way that allows these doors to almost disappear when open, which maximises space within the living areas. The combination of glass and aluminium creates a high-tech and innovative style door. Using aluminium framing allows these doors to be lightweight, meaning they can easily be opened or closed as well as being sturdy and long-lasting.

Design Ideas

Installing internal doors into your home is the perfect way to provide privacy to an area which can be enhanced by integrating blinds into the Piana sliding doors range. This integration can also help to block out any unnecessary lighting.

Glass finishes such as frosted glass can be used to provide even further privacy whilst still allowing natural light to pass between rooms. The Piana door can be installed as a sliding door with integrated blinds or with a band. Integrating a band into the design of these sliding doors is very useful if access to the home is restricted as this allows us to build the doors on site.

The Line doors range is only available as a sliding glass door with integrated horizontal aluminium bars which are applied to the face of the glass, creating a line effect for a contemporary design. A crosshatched design can also be integrated to create a Mondrian style design.

The Mitika range is available as a sliding and pivot door as well as a bifolding door which may be better suited to your project. This style of door is more cost-effective than the Piana range and is made up of one central pane of glass which is enclosed by an aluminium frame.

The Filomuro doors are available in three different ranges; Style, Light and Zero. These Filomuro doors sit flush against the internal wall where a hidden door can be created if the door has been treated with the same finish as the wall.



The Piana internal glass door is made of 2 layers of 4mm toughened glass structurally bonded to either side of a 38mm deep aluminium frame. The resulting glass door design has a reassuring depth to it with a slim slither of aluminium profile on show.

It can be designed as a sliding, pocket, hinged or pivot door with optional door jamb details and is available in a wide range of finishes.

The Basic Piana has a flat all-glass face, whereas the Band Piana incorporates an opaque ‘band’ across the centre of the door at handle height.

You could also opt to specify the sliding doors as Venetian Piana doors which incorporate a venetian blind within the glass for privacy.


The Line internal door is a sliding door system with a unique aluminium frame design.

With a slim aluminium framing design that cuts over the face of glass you can create a unique glass door design.

The glass within the internal sliding door is 6mm toughened and is available in a range of finishes for a clear or decorative glass face. The aluminium framing of the door is also available in a range of coloured finishes to suit the internal design of your space.

The sliding door is available in up to 4 sliding tracks and is top hung to allow a seamless door threshold at the base.

Bespoke framing patterns are also available to be designed to create a truly unique door set.


The Mitika internal door is a single glazed door design with minimal aluminium framing. The door is the most versatile of the range, available in a sliding door, pocket, bi-folding, hinged or pivot door.

The glass within the door system is 6mm toughened glass that is available in a wide range of glass finishes.

The surrounding aluminium frame is very minimal and able to be finished in a range of colours including a silver aluminium finish.

A wide range of handle designs are available for this internal door as well as a range of locking options.


The Filomuro door design is actually three hinged door designs under one umbrella! The Filomuro door is designed to sit flush with the surrounding wall finishes for a door that appears to be seamless with its surround.

The Filomuro Style has two pieces of 4mm toughened glass structurally bonded to either side of a 52mm deep aluminium frame, creating an internal glass door with a generous depth of 60mm to suit most wall structures.

The Filomuro Zero has a solid door face of timber or metal and a depth of 50mm.

The Filomuro Light is a single glazed door design using 8mm toughened glass that is structurally bonded to one side of an aluminium frame. This door design allows the glass to sit flush with the walls from one side of the door opening. Suitable for doors that are most often viewed from one side.

Door Finishes

The beauty of the ADL internal door system is the range of finishes that are available. There are over 20 glass finishing options including tinted glasses, translucent glasses, mirrored and reflective glasses, printed glasses, glossy coloured glass and glass with decorative laminates.

As well as a wide range of decorative glass finishes we can also incorporate stone, metal and timber into the door design for an opaque and solid internal door.

The Piana Band door has even more options available with over 10 options for the decorative band across its centre.

Download the product information sheets for a list of all the glass and door finishes available. 

Handles and Locking

There is a wide range of handle designs available for use with the ADL hinged and pivoting doors. The handles for the sliding doors are integrated into the face of the internal door, each design differs depending on the door design.

The ADL Door Handle has additional options, allowing you to choose a material to be embedded into the handle face. This could be matching your door finish or contrasting.

Locks are able to be incorporated into all the hinged and pivoting doors within this range. These can be operated via a thumb turn or a euro cylinder key as required.

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