Automated Glazing

Automated glazing has revolutionised architectural design and functionality, offering seamless integration of technology and aesthetics. With automated glass rooflights such as our ARES (Automated Rising Electric System) rooflight which opens on a hinge, our MARS (Modern Automated Rooflight System) which is our premium sliding roof system able to allow access to roof terraces, and our HERA (high-spec electric rooflight automation) automated sliding box access rooflight, buildings can harness natural light efficiently while controlling ventilation and climate with precision. Automated descending windows and walls glass doors provide convenience and security, seamlessly opening and closing in response to sensors or commands. Our minimal windows vertical sash windows and our minimal windows sliding glass doors can be fully automated retaining traditional charm with modern efficiency.

Our newAvino timber range also offers automation except for ‘lift and slide timber doors.

As designers push the boundaries of architectural possibilities with glass, automation in glazing provides the perfect solution to realise the most ambitious of architectural projects merging form with function without compromise.

Are you working on a project with a requirement for bespoke automated glazing and would like to explore what we can offer?

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