June 15, 2015

Window Designs for Multi-Unit Residential Projects

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Window design for a multi-unit residential building or campus is a slightly different beast than when designing a one off house for a private client. You are trying to design homes and living spaces that will suit a large range or people, families and lifestyles which can be a big challenge.

One aspect of any home design that is universally appealing is the introduction of natural light into the space. When creating a multi-unit residential project it is normal that only 1 to 2 elevations of each individual unit will have windows, therefore you should try and make the most of these window openings. How you do this will depend on the overall design of your external facades and the location of the building.

Sieger Steel Replacement Windows from IQ Aluminium Sieger Steel Replacement Windows from IQ Aluminium

A popular design option, especially for renovation projects, is the introduction of steel style windows, recreating a slim framed, industrial building design with modern thermally efficient windows.

There are a couple of different design options available depending on your budget and the timescales available on your project. Steel replacement windows at the higher end of the budget scale tend to have a longer lead time, sometimes up to 16 weeks, whereas more cost effective options are generally available quicker.

The Sieger Steel Replacement Window from IQ Aluminium is a cost effective steel replacement window suitable for large scale multi-unit residential projects to recreate the industrial design appearance of old factory or warehouse buildings in a modern window. The surrounding frames are extremely slim, with a steel style vent profile and all horizontal mullions are bespoke designed for a specific project.

minimal windows creating a slim framed sliding facade to multi storey residential building minimal windows creating a slim framed sliding facade to multi storey residential building

For a more modern external building design the slim framed sliding glass doors are a great external façade system, especially if your luxury homes have balconies. Using slim framed sliding glass doors with high classes in weather resistance, like minimal windows, you can use these sliding doors as a façade system, integrating frameless glass balustrades to create a frameless, Juliette Balcony.

You can see more window design examples at our Pinterest Board: Modern Windows on Multi-Unit Residential Projects.