November 11, 2014

Why Use Glass Floors?

Written by Rebecca Clayton

a rear view of a double height glass side infill extension in London
The walk on glass floor at Tower Bridge allows visitors a unique view of the bridge and river below

Glass Floors can be used as a structural element of a project for many different reasons, the main two stem from the inherent characteristics of glass; its visual transparency and its ability to allow light transmission.

In some design projects  structural glass floors were used to allow transparency through the floor to allow occupants to see through the floor structure to whatever is below. Like the new glass floor installation at Tower Bridge. The high specification structural glass floor acts as a robust structural element to the space, allowing the public to walk over the glass walkway but allows full transparency and a unique view of the famous Tower Bridge and the River Thames below.

A walk on glass floor at Somerset House allows visitors to view the ancient foundations below

Similarly IQ Glass installed a walk on glass floor at Somerset House, allowing visitors to the room to view the ancient ruins and stones found beneath the floor during renovations works. Now dubbed the archaeology room, the space is used as a unique meeting room for the staff of Kings College.

Walk on glass floors are also used widely as a means to allow light to travel through spaces, penetrating through floor levels into darker or windowless spaces below.

IQ Glass regularly used these structural walk on glass floor installations, internally and externally, to allow light into basements, windowless rooms and large extensions.

Internal walk on glass floor allowing light through internal stairwell Internal walk on glass floor allowing light through internal stairwell

These structural glass assemblies can be designed in the nature of a single glazed floor panel a larger multiple panel glass floor, a glass bridge or glass balcony. You can see a larger range of projects that include a walk on glass floor installation at our project gallery.

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