October 22, 2018

Why specify bi-folding doors for residential properties?

banner bifolding doors and glass box

Internal and External bifolding doors

It is often difficult to choose which type of door system is best for a project; the usual debate is whether to specify sliding doors or bifolds. Bi-folding doors are a popular option for modern living spaces where the homeowners want to develop the connection between the indoors and outdoor environments. With bifolding doors, 90% of the aperture can be opened up due to the long elevations of sliding folding glass available from IQ Glass.

5 pane bifolding door

Bi-folding doors from IQ are available in a wide range of configurations and frame finishes to create a bespoke design for residential properties. The available configurations will depend on the size of the opening, in most cases up to 7 panes of glass can be installed sliding in one direction. Slim framed aluminium bi-folding doors can be designed to fold and stack inwards or outwards (some projects may have construction restraints). Bi-folding doors can also be configured as corner opening systems that allow two adjoining apertures to be open, offering the homeowners panoramic views of the surrounding outdoor landscape.

bi-folding door

Did you know that bi-folding doors can also be installed to access balconies on upper floor levels? Paired with structural glass balustrades, inward opening bifold doors can open up wide upper floor apertures and provide excellent levels of ventilation. Compared to sliding doors, this door system offers an impressively wide door opening as the folding panes neatly stack to one side, whereas sliding doors stack linearly on top of each other which fills part of the opening (unless the property allows for a pocket door).

Internal bifolding doors offer a modern interior design aesthetic for open plan living spaces. Internal doors from IQ are available in various frame materials including aluminium and steel and can be designed with vertical and horizontal framing for a Mondrian® style design. The internal Mondrian® range offers a highly elegant finish that is well suited for high-end luxury residential properties.

Overall, bifolding doors maximise and save space due to the ability to stack all the folding door panes neatly to one side which allows apertures to be opened wide without any glazing covering areas of the opening. At IQ Glass there is a wide range of internal and external aluminium, steel and timber bi-folding doors. Book a visit to the showroom to see these bifolds in person.