April 6, 2016

What are the Best Sliding Glass Doors?

Written by Rebecca Clayton

What are the Differences between our sliding glass door systems?

We all love the thought of opening the entire rear wall of our home to the garden but let’s be honest; in the UK the amount of the year in which we can actually do this is limited to a month or so in summer.

Modern slim frame sliding glass doors, are becoming a much more popular option for architects and design-minded homeowners looking to create a modern, indoor-outdoor rear patio design.

Slim Frame Sliding Glass Doors from Minimal Windows

The slim framing associated to sliding patio doors, even when closed, means that the boundaries between inside and outside are blurred. If you opt for a sliding door system that offers a full floor to ceiling glass finish, like minimal windows, then that barrier is merged even further.

The 21mm aluminium frame and the flush tracks create impressive floor-to-ceiling glass facades of smooth sliding glass suitable for use on extensions, renovations and contemporary new builds with a modern, minimal design aesthetic.

Minimal windows are the perfect sliding door system for projects wanting to minimise the barrier between inside and out and are the slimmest framed option available.

Aluminium Sliding Glass Doors from Sieger Aluminium Systems 

Aluminium framed sliding doors are at the forefront of contemporary architectural design. Sieger Systems can design and fabricate the framing as little as 30mm, offering a clean contemporary finish creating large elevations of aluminium framed sliding glass.

Multiple configurations are available all using modern and innovative fabrication techniques to achieve the best sliding doors.

Ultra-slim sliding glass doors are the perfect solution if slim sightlines are desired but the budget is tight. This system is more cost-effective than minimal windows but maintains a modern finish and high performance.

Steel Framed Lift and Slide Doors from IQ

Slim steel framed lift and slide door from IQ Metal Slim steel framed lift and slide door from IQ

These thermally broken steel doors from IQ have now been designed for a lift and slide opening mechanism allowing you to include large panels of sliding glass into your architectural design.

IQ’s Lift and Slide Doors can be made from; Galvanised Steel which is then finished any RAL colour, Stainless Steel, true CortenTM and Architectural Bronze all engineered for a unique and luxury sliding door installation.

With a structural thermal break, these steel sliding doors maintain high levels of thermal performance and can also be engineered with integrated or applied bespoke glazing bars to create an industrial heritage design to the steel framed sliding glass doors.

If your project design has strict requirements, perhaps it is a listed property, your windows and doors may need to be replicated but with high modern day thermal performances. The IQ systems are the perfect solutions to bespoke high-end architectural design projects.

They all offer different aesthetics and designs but have a high thermal performance with thermal break technology and slim frames. Numerous different finishes can be applied to the systems but ultimately IQ's slim lift and slide doors can be finished in four different materials to match your contemporary industrial design.

Depending on your budget Minimal Windows slim sliding sliding glass doors provide the slimmest sightlines out of all the systems at 21mm and a flush threshold enabling the seamless transition between the internal and external living areas.

Sieger Aluminium's sliding doors are at a much lower cost but offer slim sightlines maximising the amount of glass increasing the natural light into the property. They also are engineered with excellent thermal break technology providing high thermal performance.

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