November 26, 2018

Using Glass in Entrance Designs

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Glazed reception to Grade II listed dwelling.

Illuminating Glass in Entrance Designs

Using glass for modern entrance features is a popular concept among architects. The installation of glass within entrance designs allows light to flood the space to create a bright and airy entry to properties. Here are a number of ways glass can be incorporated as part of an entrance feature:

Apertio Glass Entrance Doors

Glass Doors

There’s nothing more beautiful than having natural light streaming through a glass entrance design, lighting up the hallway and adjacent rooms. Some may say this provides homeowners with an uplifting feeling while connecting them further with the outdoors.

Glass doors offer a luxurious modern aesthetic to a wide range of contemporary properties, whether they are new build homes or renovations. Using a glass entrance door, such as the Apertio glass entrance door from IQ Glass, creates an elegant modern look while flooding the entrance hallway with natural light. The Apertio glass entrance door is available in a range of configurations with optional side glazing and/or overhead glazing for an all-glass entrance design.

As the Apertio glass entrance door can be manufactured to outstanding sizes up to 1.2m wide x 1.9m tall, a striking entrance can be created for luxury design projects.

modern glass entrance door

Structural Glass

Structural glass can be used within entrance designs both above and beside the front door system to increase the ingress of light within the entrance hallway. Structural glass is a simplistic frameless glazing system that can be used in conjunction with a range of entrance door designs.

Structural glass can be manufactured in a number of sizes to provide a bespoke design surrounding the entrance door. These frameless windows also known as ‘picture windows’ create a beautiful view of the external environment with absolutely no fixings on show to construct the view.

frameless glass facade

Glazing Above Entrance Doors

Transom windows are window systems that sit above entrance doors. They offer a contemporary style design that allows light into the entrance hallway without compromising on privacy that can often occur with side glazing. This method of glazing makes the most of the space between the door and the ceiling while allowing a natural ingress of natural light.

These windows are an exceptionally popular glazing system as they help to achieve a beautifully contemporary aesthetic to the façade of properties. This modern system not only boasts modern thermal performance but also offers exceptionally thin frames for uninterrupted views of the surrounding landscape.

contemporary glass canopy

Glass Canopies

Utilising glass in building design adds a contemporary twist to the façade while enhancing the surrounding architectural design. Glass isn’t just for use within the entrance door itself or for additional glazing surrounding the entrance door, frameless glass canopies can also be installed for a modern front porch. Structural Glass canopies offer minimal light loss for entrance doors, as they allow the light to continue to flow through any glazing that may be below the canopy.

Driving rain on oversized structural glazing


Glass Entrance Project Examples


The Moorings

The Drawing Room, a Guernsey architectural practise, were selected to create a magnificent, opulent coastal residence, preserving the bottom level foundations while removing the upper floor and roof. To create the proper flow of arrangement, connecting residents to their living areas with seamless transitions to the wide outdoor space, a complete reconfiguration and reconstruction of the space were necessary.

The team recognised early in the design phase that the success of the recently renovated prominent mansion depended on the choice of structural glazing. Maximising the panoramic views while maintaining the building's functionality presented a difficulty.


Orchard House

This large new construction features a highly glazed design that makes use of a variety of custom engineered glazing systems to enable indoor-outdoor living. While employing a combination of frameless and slim framed glazing systems with technical glazing integrations where necessary, such as marine grade glazing to the swimming pool area. IQ worked closely with the architects to produce a glazing package that was suited to the modern new build.

A distinctive spiral staircase is enclosed by double height architectural windows in the double height entrance design.


The IQ Glass Skyhouse Showroom

The state of the art IQ office and showroom features an unmissable glazed entrance complete with a glass pivot door and over 12ft of structural, fixed glazing. With solar control coating the glass ensures to reflect heat and provide the perfect welcoming area for employees and guests. The glass facade ensures that clients can find the showroom with ease. 

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