March 5, 2020

Top 10 Moments In The Last 10 Years

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Top 10 in 10

1. 2010 - minimal windows®

Becoming the sole distributor of minimal windows within the UK was a pivotal moment for IQ and has allowed us to complete too many successful projects to list. The minimal window systems offer slim sightlines with virtually frameless designs to maximise views.

Some of the systems unique selling points are the completely flush base and the flexibility of use. Since 2010, the 4+ system, designed for bigger installations and heavier loads, has also been developed and become part of the systems stocked by IQ.

The systems have evolved alongside IQ through the years, in 2014 IQ designed a bespoke drainage solution for the minimal windows sliding door system, using a solid neoprene base block. In 2014 we had the minimal windows® system tested for hurricane resistance and as a result, the hurricane-level performance was achieved.

The sleek, frameless aesthetic means that the systems can flatter many building designs, from modern to contemporary, minimal windows are continually adapted and used in a variety of settings.


2. 2012 - RIBA 2012 National Award

Our Cotswolds project Ladlecombe won the RIBA 2012 National Award as well as being shortlisted for the Manser Medal. We worked on the project with architectural firm Found Associates to extend an existing cottage, giving it a modern twist without detracting from the countryside charm.

The award-winning project saw IQ give the listed cottage a linear extension, linking the original building structure with the extension glazing using a frameless glass box link. The glazing was designed with solar gain in mind, to reduce energy use for the property.

From a distance the glazing is virtually transparent, ensuring the setting of the property remained undisturbed despite the creation of a much larger living space.


Collage of new build glass properties by IQ Glass



3. 2013 - Marketing

This was the year IQ created a marketing department, bringing the company into the modern social media era and flooding the architectural world with newsworthy topics of discussion.

The now established team are constantly keeping the brand up to date and you can find them across various social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn. You can also find IQ Glass on these online architecture and homebuilding communities Homify and Houzz


4. 2014 - Sky House

On Valentine’s Day of 2014, after outgrowing 3 offices, IQ moved into the Sky House premises in Amersham, where the company is still based today.

The large space was situated on the same estate as various factory and warehouse units, making it a great opportunity for the business’ future expansion plans at this time.

Sky House has and will continue to expand and modernise alongside the company.


Before and after photos of the Amersham Skyhouse Design Centre


5. 2014 - Sieger Systems®

The second half of this year saw the launch of Hedgehog Windows, rebranded to Sieger Systems® in 2019, the factory was originally based in Poyle.

The units, on the industrial estate located next to Sky House, became a fabrication factory designed with our specific fabrication needs in mind. The amount of space has required expansion as the business grew, at present Sieger factory & warehouse occupies 4 units within the industrial estate.

Having a team of fully trained in-house experts plays an integral part in the seamless process IQ provides from enquiry to installation. The Sieger Systems® team being so close helps the company give accurate lead times and run smoothly with constant communication.


6. 2016 - Sky House Design Centre

The year that saw the grand opening of the exclusive Sky House Design Centre. Located within Sky House, the centre was launched with the incentive to make the site a hub for both exterior and interior solutions.

Bays are occupied by various solutions that IQ can work alongside, such as Indigozest, a smart solution for home automation. The smart systems can be integrated into homes and used in conjunction with numerous IQ products for a fully automated, personalised finish. The Sky House Design Centre is also home to the IQ Furniture division.

The design centre’s potential was quickly realised by architects and professionals alike, with the local Mayor even attending the grand opening event. At present, the Sky House Design Centre is recognised as the largest interior design showroom in the UK.


Sieger Factory photo collage


7. 2017 - Grand Designs

Our award-winning Rusty House project was featured on season 16 of Channel 4’s Grand Designs.

The hour-long episode first outlined the homeowners' vision and expectations before documenting how the vision was realised.

The result was a breathtaking riverside home, expansive views enhanced using frameless structural glazing and a visual illusion that the upper floor is floating.


8. 2017 -HIRT Swiss Descending Windows

It was this year that saw IQ become the sole UK distributor of the incredible HIRT system. The innovative system, keeping IQ one step ahead in the architectural glazing landscape, offers breathtaking sinking glass systems.

HIRT Swiss descending windows disappear completely (into a specialist ‘parking room’ below the ground) leaving a completely flush base for ease of use.

The systems run with an almost silent motor and can easily be suspended mid or part way, creating partitions or half walls to suit any occasion.

When closed the glass system becomes a minimal clear glass facade, in keeping with IQ’s aesthetic and flawless standards.


Rusty House and HIIT descending windows collage


9. 2019 - BBC Silent Witness

The critically acclaimed crime drama series, recognised for its award-winning portrayal of a team of forensic pathologists, featured IQ project Treeside.

The London based series, first aired in 1996, sees investigations into various crimes. The programme featured Treeside as the set of a crime scene in 2019, granting the television worthy status to the Surrey new build.

Throughout the luxury home, structural glazing was used, featuring ‘show stopping’ sliding doors that stretch from the basement to the top floor, creating the floor to ceiling glass facades across the ground and top floors.

The residential home is flooded with natural light in the day and softly lit to maximise the uninterrupted views at night, making it the perfect location for filming the day and night time scenes shown in Silent Witness.


10. 2020 - Sky House Refurbishment

The final highlight from the last 10 years is the huge refurbishment that is currently underway at Sky House.

The refurbishment will see IQ utilise the office and showroom space and will, of course, incorporate masses of free-flowing natural light.

Keep an eye on our social media channels for further updates on the 2020 refurb, we can’t wait to reveal the final result!


Jura House and Sky House renovation collage