May 7, 2019

The Only Way is Up

Written by Rebecca Clayton

South West London used glass box extension on top floor

Rooftop Extensions


What can you do if you can't build outwards? Have you ever thought about building upwards?

The trend of building upwards, creating a rooftop extension, is becoming a huge design trend within the UK. We can see this happening in the cities with commercial buildings becoming taller and skyscrapers continuously becoming higher. However, this is also happening with residential properties.

Hallam Street

As ground space can be limited and there's a large volume of unused air space many homeowners who are looking to expand their home are now increasingly moving upwards. Within London especially, it can be hard to find space to extend out into unless you're lucky and have a large basement or expansive garden. The sky is definitely not the limit in this case; however, your design may be limited by local planning restrictions.

A rooftop extension doesn't necessarily have to blend into the aesthetics of the existing building, it can become a striking architectural feature in itself. Glass box extensions on rooftops can be an ideal solution and light and airy spaces can be created which not only brighten the existing home but also build a stronger connection to the outdoor environment, which many people in the city long for.

Roof Extension Grosvenor Crescent Mews

Home Renovation

One typical home renovation is to create a loft conversion, but these can be quite limiting and dull. By opening up these spaces and utilising a whole range of materials these dark and unsightly spaces can be transformed into beautiful architectural designs that completely transform the existing home.

There are many options available when it comes to modern rooftop extensions and there are many materials to choose from to create the desired aesthetic. Highly contrasting colours and textures can be chosen to create a clear juxtaposition and difference between the new and existing areas of the building. However, there are also softer methods of extending upwards without creating a striking change in the skyline.

South West London

Glass box extensions can be installed to the top of buildings, just like this extension installed to a penthouse apartment in London. This glass extension was designed to increase the amount of living space in a property that was limited with floor space.

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