August 19, 2021

The New Exclusive H.E.R.A (Hi-Spec Electric Rooflight Automation)

Written by Rebecca Clayton


Everything You Need To Know About The H.E.R.A Automated Rooflight

IQ Glass has designed a new automated rooflight system to provide roof access and enhance the interior design of residential properties. HERA stands for high specification electric rooflight automation and the system can be specified in a range of applications for complete suitability to its surroundings.

Sliding glass pane over box roooflight designThermally Broken = minimal condensation

The thermally broken aluminium profiles ensure the box rooflight is not a source of heat loss within the home, providing comfortable living temperatures even in larges sizes. The thermally broken perimeter also works to minimize the risk of condensation build-up to keep the glass clean and views clear. Due to the bespoke nature of the sliding box rooflight, specialised sizes and configurations can be achieved for a unique finish. Bi-parting configurations are available, as well as sliding over fixed arrangements.

Automation Means the HERA is Perfect for Providing Rooftop Access 

To ensure large or heavy glass can be accommodated, there are two motor options available. The motor used depends on the size and location of the automated rooflight system but will be chosen to ensure a smooth sliding motion is always achieved. The HERA is perfect for granting access to roof terraces or sky gardens, with the ability to completely merge indoor and outdoor areas when opened. When the sliding box rooflight is specified as part of a garden or rooftop terrace design, the motor can be concealed within the floor level or any raised surfaces.

automated sliding access box rooflightOn the internal face of the sliding box rooflight, the design is extremely minimal and the outer frames can be concealed within the ceiling finishes for a frameless effect. Alternatively, the aluminium frame can be finished in any RAL colour to match or create a contrast against the surrounding interior design.

This sliding access rooflight is completely weathertight and has been tested to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it suitable for a range of environments both in the UK and internationally. Brush seals and a heavy-duty bumper seal are included as standard, creating a weathertight seal to protect the internal living spaces below. As with all overhead glazing, IQ Glass uses a laminated inner pane to hold the glass in place in the event of a breakage, preventing any damage to the property or harm to the occupants.

aluminium framed sliding box rooflightStructurally Bonded For Added Security

For the most minimal design and to enhance the security performance, the glass is structurally bonded to the frame at our in-house fabrication factory in Amersham. Integrated drainage should be considered when specifying the HERA and IQ Glass can provide structural gutter systems that are in keeping with the modern and minimal box rooflight. There is a range of technical integrations that are available to specify in conjunction with this automated rooflight system, including working as part of a complete smart home system. Weather sensor integrations are available for rooflights that will not be used for rooftop access and these work by automatically closing when rain or strong wind is detected.

Contemporary sliding box rooflightAdvanced Technology

Thanks to the latest advances in glazing technology, IQ Glass can log into our cloud-based fault checking system to check any faults in the sliding rooflight installations remotely. UPS ( Uninterruptible Power Supply) battery backups are used to protect the safety of the occupants in the event of a power shortage or power cut, allowing the box rooflight to safely close.

You can find more information about the HERA automated rooflight, our latest automated rooflight system, on the product page, or alternatively, you can speak to a member of the team about specifying the sliding box rooflight for your next project.