February 10, 2022

The minimal windows Sliding Door System Is Now PAS 24 Rated!

Written by Rebecca Clayton

high security slim sliding doors from minimal windows in a luxury new build home

The minimal windows sliding system is one of the only slim framed sliding door systems on the market that is fully PAS 24 tested. 

slim sliding doors used to maximise natural light


In terms of performance and design, the minimal windows Sliding Door has always been unparalleled, including when it comes to security. However, as the framing profiles are produced on the continent and not in the UK, the security test was the European security against burglary (achieving up to WK2 (RC2) according to EN 1627). This, unfortunately, meant that without the UK PAS 24 certification, this sliding door system could not be used for certain projects.

Double height glass facade to maximise natural light and views of the coast

PAS 24 represents a security standard that is widely recognised across the building industry and standards. It can only be achieved once a products security performance has been thoroughly tested and there are very few slim framed systems with a PAS 24 rating.

Obtaining a PAS 24 rating allows the minimal windows sliding door system to be used in an even broader range of applications, both commercial and residential, eliminating the threat of opportunistic criminals.

The high security standards make the slim sliding system perfect for any new build or renovation project, particularly where building regulations dictate that door systems must have a PAS 24 certification.

Corner opening PAS 24 sliding doors leading to beachfront balcony

When a glazing system is PAS 24 tested, the system undergoes vigorous testing as a whole, rather than individual components of the system. This is to ensure the entire system meets the high security requirements, enhancing the security performance of the building envelope and surpassing building regulations.

The minimal windows slim framed sliding system was tested in a two pane configuration, with one moving pane and one fixed. The test dictates that toughened glass must be used within the aluminium profiles and IQ use toughened glass in our glass door systems as standard.

luxury new build home with slim framed sliding glass doors

This extremely exciting development means that the UK’s best sliding door system can now be used on any project! The testing certificate will soon be available upon request, offering architects the opportunity to include the high security glazing systems in any project across the UK and beyond.

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