December 10, 2013

The minimal solution to windows

Written by Rebecca Clayton

How to Improve Natural Light in Narrow Properties
Slim Framed Aluminum Windows

With smaller windows, minimal framing is much more important due to the ratio of glass to framing. The get the maximum amount of light through a window, using slim framing is a must.

IQ’s minimal windows sliding door system can be engineered towards a window solution, providing spaces with slim framed sliding ‘windows’ to any number of properties or projects.

These work especially well on areas where you are not able to open windows outwards, perhaps on higher rise building and penthouses. The minimal windows can be configured to all slide open and stack or you could alternate the fixed-sliding panels. This last option will ensure that your base tracks are as shallow as possible with as much of the opening sliding open as possible to allow ventilation.

slim framed sliding windowsThe sliding windows could also be designed to slide into a pocket cavity to allow a full opening window.

The minimal windows slot aeration can also be integrated into this type of window system to allow small areas of secured ventilation without opening up the whole panel.

Higher level properties will benefit from the minimal sightlines of the minimal windows framing with all surrounding framework recessed and hidden in the surrounding building finishes, enhancing views and light exposure.

On private house designs, by using the minimal windows as a window solution as well as sliding doors means your design will have the ability to be much more coherent throughout, with the same sight lines, profile dimensions and style of framing on upper and lower floors. The minimal windows can then be a full glazing solution for all rear access, balcony access and windows.

This solution will also achieve a much higher Uw value than standard aluminium casements with overall Uw value from 1.25.

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