November 15, 2018

The Latest minimal windows® Product Updates

Written by Rebecca Clayton

MW Contemporary Home 2 (4)

The minimal windows® sliding door system is the premier solution for large format sliding doors with minimal framing. IQ have been the exclusive partner for minimal windows® in the UK for many years and are proud to announce this exclusive partnership has been extended for a further three years.

With a range of look alike systems now available on the market it is important to ensure that the sliding systems you are specifying are high quality, fully tested and adhere to your stringent design specifications.

As well as offering unparalleled performance and beauty we have recently launched a selection of product updates, all designed to offer you flexibility in your designs and allow the minimal windows® sliding doors to work with your project requirements.

Silver House RIBA Award Winning Project

New External Key Lock

The standard minimal windows® manual locking system is often the best choice for your installation. It is highly secure, maintains the minimal sightlines of the system and is easy to operate by the user. However, the standard lock is only lockable from inside the space.

We now have a systemised approach available for external locking via a removable key lock. The euro cylinder key is housed within an elongated vertical stile on the lead sliding door pane. This lock is accessible from both the inside and the outside of the sliding door allowing for key lock access from both faces of the door.


Glass Extension to Warwickshire Farmhouse that used minimal windows

Multi Corner Slider

Slim sliding doors that open at 90-degree corners is a well-established variation of minimal windows®. In addition, the minimal windows® system can be designed to open on corners anywhere from 65 degrees to 177 which even further advances the flexibility of the system.

It is also now possible to create ‘multi corner sliders’ using the minimal windows® system. This allows us to create a 90-degree corner connection from the glass between inside and outside. But when the doors are slide open one elevation slides away from the building fabric, ensuring points of travel are possible across all tracks. This is hard to explain with words so take a look at the below diagram for an explanation

Multi Corner Sliders in Closed Position

When slid open you can get access across both tracks.


Automation has always been available for the minimal windows® and the minimal windows® 4+ sliding systems. We recommend automation for sliding panes that are over 500kg each, but the option is always available to every project.

As part of our product update we have updated the motor information including two different levels of motor depending on the total weight of the sliding panes. In addition, the MOT 2000 is available with an IP65 rating to allow it to be mounted externally.


Updated Base Details

IQ® use our own unique base detail for the minimal windows® and 4+ systems to ensure adequate water drainage for our wet weather climate in the UK. There are several technical and design updates now available to use on your projects:


    • Up to 4 colour options for the IQ integrated drainage channel including Champagne, Titanium, Black and the standard GT silver.


    • The new Freeway base which allows a completely flat finish across the base tracks to the external floor finish.


    • Updated recommended base details for minimal windows® 4+ which can be seen in the minimal windows® 4+ product information sheet.

New at the Showroom

We have the minimal windows® system installed in pride of place within the Courtyard Showroom at Sky House. A large purpose-built construction showcases various minimal windows® installations including a three track, a two track, an opening corner and a sliding pocket door.

You can now also see a minimal windows® Window solution at Sky House. This minimal window® is installed at a smaller size and is often used as a slim framed sliding window on contemporary build projects. The sliding window also showcases the Type 4 internal key lock which can be used for both the sliding door and window solutions.

The Latest Awards

The minimal nature of the minimal windows® sliding door and its high levels of quality and performance mean that it is often specified by architects time and time again. As a result, it is often featured in the pages of the latest architectural magazine or the latest awards.

Oatlands by SOUP has been shortlisted for the RIBA House of the Year Award and showcases minimal windows® on the rear elevation. A simple three track installation was used here, and the slim framing complements the rest of the frameless structural glass used throughout the build.

A private dwelling called Blackheath has been shortlisted for the Wood Awards 2018 and uses minimal windows® extensively across all elevations. The minimalistic design of the glazing works well with the more textured finish of the timber for a well achieved visual design.

The minimal windows® Guillotine Window was shortlisted for the Build It Awards 2018. This vertical sliding system mixes the minimal design of the standard sliding door with advanced technology to create a vertically sliding element.

Oatlands Close by SOUP Architects

The Latest Projects

IQ Glass UK are Europe’s biggest installer of slim framed sliding doors across the whole market. We are always receiving new project images of completed projects which help inspire architects or offer project examples to showcase the solution to their clients. Below are the latest new case studies that included minimal windows.

Posterns Court

A glass box extension to a traditional home in South England. The minimal windows were integrated on both sides of the structural glass box.


Water Meadow

A contemporary new build house which utilises minimal windows extensively to the rear.


Warwickshire Farmhouse

A glazed extension to a traditional farmhouse which used minimal windows as the slim sliding doors. 

But don’t forget to take a look at our full case study database for even more inspiration.


What Next?

If you would like any more information about the minimal windows system or whether it will be suitable for your project just get in touch with the team at IQ Glass.