December 4, 2023

The installation of heated arched glass to London basement

Written by Michelle Martin

Frameless oversized heated arched windows to London basement

The installation of 10 panels of oversized heated arched glass to a London basement spanning 71m2 to a 9500 sqft London property that overlooks the Regents canal in Little Venice, West London presented logistical challenges in installing the oversized heated arched glass to the original Grade II listed building arches in the basement. 


The glass arches were almost 3m tall and used specialist heated glass technology to stop condensation build up on the glass from the basement pool. Each glass archway had to be carefully lifted through a small hatch within the rear garden; the only way to access the sub-garden pool area. 


Frameless heated arch glass lowered to pool basement through rooflight opening

The substantial residential property underwent extensive renovation with the lower ground floor being lowered several feet down to enhance a sense of space and airiness opening out to a lowered rear garden through frameless glass increasing natural light ingress.  

how glass units are installed in a London basement renovation

Installing the heated arched glazing to the basement was the first part of the extensive bespoke glazing, which had to be lowered and positioned with the assistance of lifting equipment for installation due to the restricted access through the rooflight openings and shear size of the large heated arched glass windows.  

a glass window being lifted through a basement hatch

Eight panes of oversized heated frameless glass to the original arches were installed to offer acoustic treatment reducing unwanted noise whilst performing as anti-misting windows with heated glass. 


Click on the following link to read the Canal House case study. 


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