January 27, 2021

The ARES Auto Rising Electric Rooflight System

Written by Rebecca Clayton

ARES venting rooflight

Introducing the new modern venting rooflight by IQ Glass

The ARES is the latest in the line-up of cutting edge automated rooflight systems, designed and manufactured in-house by the team at IQ Glass. Boasting weather sensor technology and smart home integration, the ARES venting rooflight provides a contemporary, minimal solution for light-filled living spaces with easily adjustable ventilation.

Bespoke design options

Minimal automated venting rooflight to modern kitchenThe ARES pushes the boundaries with fully bespoke design capabilities. The system can be designed to meet almost any size and shape, allowing for enormous flexibility to create truly unique rooflights that break the traditional rectangular mold.

The venting rooflight system is designed to open on hinges with concealed actuators for a fully minimal aesthetic. However, other unique shapes such as circular venting rooflights can also be achieved, by engineering multiple actuators to lift the entire sash vertically up from the frame. The ARES rooflight can open on hinges, with automated actuators when used as an access rooflight.

Exceptional security performance

ARES minimal venting rooflight modern family homeIQ’s ARES venting rooflight boasts some of the best security detailing on the market. The glass specification uses toughened glazing with a laminated inner pane, ensuring that the glass is held in place in the event of breakage. This both ensures the safety of the homeowners by preventing any glass from falling into the room below, while simultaneously acting as a barrier to prevent intruders from breaking into the home via the rooflight.

The glass is structurally bonded to the outer frame during manufacturing, again acting as a safety measure while also preventing anyone from being able to lift the glazed sash out of the frame for unauthorised entry. Using bonded glass also results in an elegantly minimal design while adding an additional layer of water tightness.

Thermal performance & weather protection

Minimal frameless effect electric venting rooflightThe aluminium frame is fully thermally broken in order to achieve exceptional thermal performance. Together with heavy-duty perimeter seals to ensure water tightness and overall protection from the elements, the ARES venting system has been carefully designed to avoid internal condensation build-up – a typical problem with standard, non-thermally broken rooflight systems on the market.

UK-based manufacturing

As with our automated sliding rooflight system, each ARES product is designed to bespoke dimensions by our in-house team, before being manufactured at our factory in Amersham. This has resulted in an impressive 10 week lead time when specifying the rooflight for any custom project.

Closing thoughts

large frameless effect venting rooflightThe ARES venting rooflight boasts unparalleled performance and design options. Its elegantly minimal aesthetic can be custom engineered to suit the requirements of any project, making it a cutting-edge solution for modern loft conversions, basement renovations, and light-filled living spaces throughout the home.

It has been extensively tested by our fabricators to guarantee exceptional performance in a wide range of environments and designs, including the harsher environments found in coastal or more exposed locations in the UK and abroad.

Visit this link for more information on the ARES, and our other roof glazing systems. Or, get in touch with the team at hello@iqglassuk.com to discuss integrating this boundary-pushing system into your project.