March 22, 2018

Structural + Architectural Glazing CPD Seminars from IQ

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Silver House

Our extremely popular CPD seminars cover a wide range of the glazing solutions offered by IQ Glass, suitable for both residential and commercial projects. The presentation, led by one of IQ Glass's Technical Executives, provides an insight into our range of products, alongside a technical explanation of their function and design flexibility.

IQ Glass introduced these CPD seminars to provide a well-articulated and detailed analysis of their products whilst remaining prompt and convenient. Our seminars can be presented within your lunch period, of 45 minutes to an hour, whilst you eat. In order to ensure the convenience of our CPD presentation, IQ Glass can always offer to reimburse the lunch bill.

We present to groups with as little as 2 people up to larger audiences of up to 90 people. So do not hesitate to get in contact, however large or small the practice. We are always willing to accommodate CPD seminars.

What is involved?

As outlined above, our seminars often fall into the lunch period as to avoid conflicting with other engagements and to ensure the seminar is as convenient as possible. With this in mind, IQ Glass will reimburse your practice for any lunch provided for the duration of the seminar. The presentation itself provides an outline of a wide range of our glazing solutions from heated glass, to  structural glass as well as our exclusive framing systems such as the Descending Windows.

HIRT Swiss Descending Windows HIRT Swiss Descending Window

Utilising visual aids, the presentation involves a slideshow of images, videos and technical details, which is all explained by a Technical Executive from the IQ Glass office and showroom, based in Amersham. We display images of our completed projects alongside that of our showroom depending on which is most representative. This will also give you an impression of what can be expected to be available for viewing in the future.

Will the information provided suit the passion of your practice?

Automated sliding glass doors

IQ Glass CPD seminars will cover the breadth of our portfolio, including the scope of our technical glazing solutions. This ranges from heated glass to structural glass, also including information on our exclusive framing systems. These glazed solutions are applicable to both commercial and residential projects, of which we have images to represent the ways each product can be applied for alternative uses. Whether your practice is heavily involved with commercial projects or solely passionate about residential projects, the presentation will cater for your interests directly.

How to make a booking

Our CPD Seminars are easily arranged. If you are interested and/or would like more information, please do not hesitate to fill out the contact form on our website - click here to book a CPD or contact Claire Davis, who organises the seminars. Claire is available in our office and can be contacted via email or telephone on the following details: 01494 722 880 or Simply provide us with the following details:

  1. Your name, email address and contact number

  2. Name and location of Architectural practice

  3. Outline of time and date preference.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

iq glass and marvin The IQ Glass Team at the Head Office and Showroom in Amersham