December 5, 2018

Steel framed windows from IQ Glass

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Steel Framed Non-thermally Broken Mondrian Windows

Elegant Art Deco style glazing

Art Deco style glazing is growing in popularity due to the on-trend Bauhaus aesthetic achieved with these steel systems. The slim vertical and horizontal steel glazing bars create a sophisticated appearance that nods to traditional industrial glazing design. Although these systems have a heritage look, their performance values exceed modern performance standards.

IQ® Glass has a wide selection of steel framed windows within their Mondrian® Glazing range. The Mondrian® range includes a variety of thermally broken, and non-thermally broken steel profiles, all designed to create minimal, industrial steel windows highly in keeping with traditional Art Deco Design.

Steel Fame and Thermally Broken Mondrian Windows Thermally Broken Mondrian® Windows

Thermally Broken External Window Systems

The full thermal break within our external window frames ensures the highest levels of thermal insulation with no cold bridging. The slim metal frames can be manufactured from a variety of architectural metals to achieve your desired design.

Thermally broken window systems are used to create insulated windows with high levels of thermal performance, therefore if the Mondrian® window is going to be separating two different climates then a thermally broken system is required to ensure there is a non-conductive material separating the internal metal frame from the external face.

Steel Framed Non-thermally Broken Mondrian Windows Steel Framed Non-thermally Broken Mondrian Windows

Non-Thermally Broken Internal Glazing Systems

The Mondrian® glazing systems are not only used on external windows, but they are also available as non-thermally broken internal glazing systems where thermal insulation isn't a factor. The internal systems offer the same minimal frame design as traditional Art Deco style framing but in elegant welded systems providing the highest levels of luxury and design.

Configuration Options for the Mondrian Glazing Systems 

Mondrian® internal systems can be used for internal screen partitions for open-plan living or modern office designs. This allows for areas of the property to be separated while still allowing daylight to flood the living spaces.

Internal Mondrian Steel Framed Systems

Steel windows can be opened in several different configurations, the Mondrian® system can have a double opening, fixed, pivoting, right-hung or left-hung. The wide selection of configurations enables a bespoke design tailored towards each project.

Although the Mondrian® window systems have a number of glazing bars travelling across the glass panes, an abundance of light still travels through into the internal living spaces due to the exceptionally slim sightlines.

Mondrian Steel Framed Doors

Mondrian® windows are fabricated in the IQ fabrication factory to achieve the highest levels of craftsmanship, design and performance. The Mondrian steel framed systems can be manufactured in a range of frame finishes including Corten Steel™, Stainless Steel and Architectural Bronze.

To create a cohesive design, Mondrian® door systems are also available in a wide range of configurations. The door systems can be created with the same finishes as the windows to achieve the desired finished aesthetic.