June 5, 2014

Replacement Glazing

Written by Rebecca Clayton

How to Improve Natural Light in Narrow Properties
IMG_5515Windows and doors may need to be replaced for a myriad of reasons. On older properties you may want an improved thermal and acoustic performance, to replace damaged frames or to update the appearance of the house. You may want to change cheap uPVC windows and patio doors with more contemporary aluminium options. Or, on newer properties, you may have been disappointed by the original doors or windows installed.

IMG_9305Whatever the reason replacing windows and doors on a property can have a great impact on the overall comfort levels of a home as well as the external and internal design appearance of the building.

It is important to first decide what appearance you are hoping to achieve from your new windows and doors. Aluminium frames are a versatile and durable design option. The frames can be coloured any RAL colour from dark greys to bright orange if needed! And due to the ease with which aluminium can be manipulated aluminium windows and doors suitable for replacements can be found in a staggeringly wide variety of options.

Traditional Steel Look Doors Traditional Steel Look Doors

Aluminium frames can even be used in slim steel-look windows and doors that mirror those older industrial windows that have been used in old factories. This type of look creates what is called a loft-style space normally suited to spaces with high internal ceilings.

Where just standard aluminium casements are required, perhaps to replace cheap uPVC windows, the aluminium openings can be specified in a variety of configurations to match.

Aluminium can create extremely slim profiles down to 21mm with glass sliding doors – these sliding doors can be used to replace thicker framed patio doors for an easy way to update a space.

Stone Crop, near Wing Stone Crop, near Wing

At a recent project in Wing, Stone Crop, newly installed timber sliding doors were replaced with our slim framed sliding doors to improve the aesthetics of the main living floor and allow greater views over the large gardens.

For a different external appearance, you could opt for a flush glazed window and door. Here the external panel of the glazing unit is stepped over the internal framing so from outside all you see is a flat, frameless piece of glass. These sleek glass windows look great against traditional brick surfaces.

IQGlass_SlidingGlassDoors_ReplacementWindows Most modern window and door systems will have improved performance on older or damaged framings so unless you trying to achieve a very high thermal performance or acoustic reduction any modern frame will be an improvement. Performance data such as thermal and acoustic performance needs to work out on a window to window basis.

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