May 13, 2021

Our South West Regional Office Is Now Open!

Written by Rebecca Clayton

sand dunes luxury new build home in Cornwall with a glazing package from IQ Glass including floor to ceiling sliding glass doors

The regional team is equipped and ready to take on cutting-edge glazing projects across the South West region

Glass box extension overlooking Cornish coast

We are delighted to announce the opening of our dedicated South West regional office, located in Taunton, Somerset. Opening another sub-office has allowed us to take on more projects than ever, with a dedicated project management team and South West glaziers that are on hand throughout the region.

The regional division team has many years of experience under their belts, including in-depth technical knowledge of the glazing industry and years of experience in glazing design. The team is fully set up to conduct virtual appointments as well as in person, to suit a wide range of project requirements.

Corner opening sliding doors leading to beachfront balcony

When we completed our Sand Dunes project, based in Newquay, it was imperative to make the most of the stunning surrounding views. IQ Glass designed and installed the full glazing package, including oversized glazing in the form of slim framed sliding doors, which provided step-free travel between indoor and outdoor environments. The glass to frame ratio of our glazing solutions was perfectly suited to frame the picturesque setting of Cornwall.


South Glaziers specialises in providing the full glazing package, the regional team has extensive knowledge of the IQ glazing systems on offer, as well as specialist knowledge about glazing in harsher environments that are often found on the coast. The technical sales advisors can advise on the suitability of each of our luxury solutions, as well as offering bespoke solutions to meet any specific design or performance requirements.



united kingdom property award winner 2020-2021Over the years, IQ Glass has completed many projects in the South West region to great success, including Stone Haven which won The Best Residential Property UK award from the International Property Awards 2020-2021, where we provided a glazing package that included a full glass façade and a glass box extension. The home, based in Cornwall, utilized frameless glazing t maximize the views of the Cornish coast and allow an abundance of natural light into the internal living spaces.


Aluminium glazing systems are perfect for coastal homes, with natural rust and corrosion resistant properties ensuring the longevity of any glazing installation. For properties within a 5-mile radius of the sea or a body of water, aluminium profiles can be finished to marine grade to ensure the suitability and to reduce the maintenance involved with the glazing.

You can download our South West brochure for a taste of our work in the region, or simply contact us to arrange a meeting with the South West glazier team here.


Beachfront home with frameless glass walls on the upper floor     Double height glass facade to maximise natural light and views of the coast