December 19, 2022

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Written by Rebecca Clayton

eco friendly house with architectural glazing

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Glazing for self builds shown on Sand Dunes - a luxury new build in Cornwall on the coast.

When you are planning your self-build, the glazing specification is so important and there are so many technical aspects to consider. Self-builders are taking on a big challenge when they begin their projects, and you must quickly become experts in so many areas of building technology.  

Glazing for Self-Builders is such a broad term, and it completely depends on the performance and design of the self-build as to what glazing you should specify.  

Our free email digital course will provide you an overview of the key areas of architectural glazing for self-builders and glass specification, allowing you to more successfully choose the glazing for your self-build.  

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The digital course is delivered to you via email every 2 days. Each email course provides you with the latest technical information you need to know about glazing for self-build projects with links to further reading.  

The Glazing for Self-Builders Email Course 

Glass wall to self-build in LewesThe course covers the below topics, providing the latest technical information about architectural glazing for self-builds.  

  1. Introduction  

  2. Demystifying Glazing Jargon  

  3. Structural Glazing for Self Builds 

  4. Key Considerations when Specifying Slim Sliding Glass Doors 

  5. Planning for your Glass Installation  

  6. Preventing Overheating  

  7. Final Tips and Tricks  

Glazing for self-build in WalesEach section of the email course provides the best tips for selecting your glazing for your self-build. The course is free, and you can sign up via the link below. You will then receive an email every 2 days with useful information and technical details about the glazing for your self-build.  

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If you are considering using architectural glazing in your self-build, contact the team at IQ who would be happy to help. Click here to see all the ways you can contact the team.