November 13, 2023

One of our largest glazing installations is now complete

Written by Michelle Martin

Substantial height glass to large luxury newbuild in Gloucestershire

A four-phase renovation to a heritage building in Gloucestershire with substantial height glass

One of our largest residential architectural bespoke oversized glass packages ever has now been completed on site. The substantial development started on site in 2022 and included a large new build structure as well as a link to the old Grade II listed barn house with the renovation of this historical building.  

We provided our expertise as the architectural glaziers and provided all of the specialist oversized glazing to the home in Gloucestershire, having large involvement with all four phases of the development and build.  

The new build home within the development overlooking unspoiled view of the Malvern Hills was designed in the shape of a crescent projecting away from the existing barn with two formal floors plus an annex. 

The expansive oversized glazing package over varying levels of this substantial new home with basement was rolled out in four phases.

  Phase 1: Roof Glazing to the principle new build 

Phase I was the supply and installation of structural rooflights. The structural glass rooflights varied in shape and size. Six circular high performance fixed rooflights were precision installed by crane to the new part of the sunken build with the largest spanning 2.8m in diameter being installed to the centre of the home serving as a huge lightwell to the main large living space. All of the roofglazing elements have solar coatings to reduce solar gain during the warmest months.   

The square and rectangular structural rooflights collectively weighed in over three tonnes. 23 rooflights in total A different lifting crane was used for this precision glazing installation.   


Phase 2: Sliding Glass Doors to the principle new build 

Phase II of the oversized glazing installation began with three sets of ‘cascading’ oversized ultra slim framed sliding glass doors of varying sizes. IQ had to overcome a series of challenges, not only due to one set of sliding glass doors with one fixed and two sliding panes standing at almost 4m tall, over two metres wide, each weighing 465kg each, but due to the head stepped in height and the falling roof line, IQ worked alongside the architect to design a solution adjusting the frames and process of installing these expansive panes of moving glass.  


Phase III: Casement Windows to the new build and the existing original building 

The third phase was also complex with many large frameless casement windows being installed to the crescent shape curved foundationsMirroring the curvature of the architecture, large faceted screens of casement windows were created on structural poles to alter the angles, achieving the curved look of the entrance hall. The casement windows installed were not perpendicular to any wall, and so to successfully create the seamless curved frameless effect, IQ’s technical team had to design the walls to conceal both faces of the frames. 


Phase IV: Linking Old to New  

The final phase of this expansive bespoke glazing package was the structural glazed link to adjoining original barn house1000kg of structural glass stood at 2.8m tall and 5.5m long with corner to corner silicone bonded glass. 

The resulting build is impressive and still ongoing with the building finishing and landscaping to be completed.  

The entire precision installed glazing took less than 7 months from start of finish. 

There were no delays on any of the bespoke glazing structures, and the installation was simply ‘precision installed’ with every fine detail in the drawings being made to measure.  

If you’re looking to work on an ambitious new build design with a requirement for substantial height glass and seek an industry leading glazing company from concept to installation, get in contact with our technical team today!