February 22, 2023

New | Sustainability in architectural glazing eBook

Written by Michelle Martin

Stone Haven is a low carbon sustainable home with high performance architectural glazing by IQ Glass

IQ Glass Group launches new Sustainability eBook in accordance with the latest Building Regulations

With recent updates to Part L building regulations, we have launched a new Sustainability in architectural glazing eBook as a turn-key solution for specifying sustainable glazing systems for all residential new builds and renovation projects.

Specifiers are accustomed to calculating the performance of buildings, and with increasing pressures amounting, the new imperative to reverse climate change and prevent global warming surpassing 1.5 degrees advances the immediacy for place, product and people to be front and centre of the spec.

At IQ, we believe that It is essential for suppliers and manufacturers to offer its specialist guidance for all building applications, remain relentless in the pursuit to develop innovative solutions to help architects continue to push boundaries and realise its customers’ visions through high-performance and sustainable quality products that will endure the test of time.

Our new Sustainability eBook looks at cradle-to-cradle sustainability in sustainable glass architecture, controlling internal climates, Building Regs, glass innovation, examples of award-winning sustainable designs with sustainable glazing systems and much more.

A free downloadable copy of our Sustainability eBook can be found here.

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