April 19, 2017

New Piana Handle Available

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Piana Sliding Door
A Newly Designed Piana Sliding and Pocket Door Handle

IQ Glass have recently launched the new ADL internal door range including the Line, Piana, Mitika and Filomuro ranges.

A new handle has recently been designed for the Piana sliding and pocket doors. This style of door can have integrated blinds or a band in the centre. This band allows the doors to be built within the home if access is restricted.

Piana X22 Handle

The new X22 handle is the perfect alternative to the X21 handle. The X22 handle perfectly integrates into the sliding panels, enhancing the minimal style of the door with no additional costing from the X21 handle.

Lock and keys can be integrated as well as free-busy or Yale cylinders, matching the conditions of the X21 handle.

For more information on the new Piana X22 handle, please call IQ Glass on 01494 722880 or email us at hello@iqglassuk.com. Click here to find out more about our ADL internal door range.