September 8, 2023

Modern gable end structural glass installed to Cornish new build

Written by Michelle Martin

A spider crane is used to install oversized marine-grade glass 

A new build located in the stunning Cornish port town of Hayle took 72 weeks to construct from the foundations to a two storey dwelling with the south facing façade featuring a modern gable end window.  The gable end glass in this coastal project comprises of four panels of Invisio frameless effect glass with the largest unit to the apex reaching 5m tall. 

The IQ Glass South West team coordinated the lifting and installation process of the steels and modern glass gable end with Lime Construction using a spider crane to precision install the oversized structural glass.  

With four panels to the modern gable end being oversized and situated in a marine environment, careful planning and engineering of the supporting steel structure was essential to withstand the high wind pressures.  Since the owners wanted to maintain the minimal effect (achieved with Invisio modern glass gable end glass), the structural glazing installation required the installation of two welded steels which were ‘ground back’ to preserve the minimal effect. 

This structural glazing installation in Cornwall included the installation of Keller minimal windows sliding glass doors, chosen specifically to frame stunning views and to create seamless connections inside and outside from all sides of the new build. 

A configuration of four slim framed sliding glass doors are installed on the ground floor to the front with a further configuration of four slim sliding glass doors being installed to the left side, and to the right.  

Sliding glass doors to Cornish new dwelling.


Despite the challenges, the IQ South team and main contractor, Lime Construction concluded that this structural glazing installation in Cornwall went very smoothly. The owners were also pleased to see the progress since they have been residing in a caravan on site for the past year. 


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