May 31, 2012

Minimal Windows+

Written by Rebecca Clayton

minimal windows 4 with minimal frames Minimal Windows 4+ Used on a Fantastic Residential Glass Room

Heralded by the call for a minimal sliding system that holds a greater glass size, Keller have delivered the new Minimal Windows 4+ system.

Still incorporating the slim sight lines clients love in Minimal Windows, the new system can hold pane sizes up to a staggering 12m² and a height of 4.5m in triple glazed units.


The tougher structure with 26mm sightlines is able to handle higher wind loads without the need for extra bulky supports, so is a great way to enjoy an unobstructed view along the high wind coast or in rural areas.

Minimal Windows: Large Pane, Slim sightlines Minimal Window: Large Pane, Minimal Frames, Slim Sight Lines = Great Views

The incorporation of a triple glazed unit into these minimal sliding glass doors enables the minimal windows 4+ system to achieve much higher levels of insulation with Uw values of as little as 0.8 W/m2K.

Minimal Windows 4 used on office block Minimal Windows 4 Compliment this Commercial Office Block

In addition to the larger panel sizes, improved insulation and increased resistance to wind load the Keller minimal windows 4+ system has also been tested to higher results of water resistance. All the minimal windows siding door systems are put through a battery of testing at the prestigious Rosenheim Institute in Germany to put their weather resistance to the test. The Keller minimal windows 4+ system achieved a Class 8A in Water Resistance which means that it can be designated as part of the façade material of a building, particularly useful for multi-storey residential buildings.


In short, the Keller minimal windows 4+ is a great advancement in the technology of slim framed sliding door systems with ‘4+’ enhancements:


Better Thermal Performance

Larger Sliding Door Sizes

Higher Wind Loads

More Water Tight


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