October 12, 2012

Minimal Windows and Security Update

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Keller Minimal Windows has been tried and tested at the prestigious Rosenheim Institute for the ENV Burglar Resistance Class. The Standard two-point locking system was found to be extremely robust and offered “increased protection for normal housing security”.

"The Standard two point locking system was found to be extremely robust"

Add a new dimension to your security by using IQ’s Heated Glass. By hooking the electrically heated coating to your in-house security system you get first impact knowledge as soon as your windows or glass are tampered with, alerting your security system and you of the attempted breach of entry.

Chrissie Jenkins, of Country Life Insurance has always worked closely with IQ Glass and its customers to assist in housing insurance. Read her very helpful piece put together exclusively for IQ Glass detailing the pitfalls of home insurance for high glazed properties and how easily they can be overcome. READ IT HERE