August 1, 2017

Metallic Frame Finishes

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Secco Windows and Doors with Corten Steel

What Metallic Frame Finishes are Available?

Metallic Powder Coating

Anodising is the standard framing finish in order to achieve a metallic finish to framings. Although the initial finished appearance you can achieve with an anodised finish can be quite dramatic, an anodised finish has a number of downsides to consider.

The most prevalent in the architectural glazing market is the durability of an anodised finish. Although an anodised finish provides excellent protection for the frames against chemicals and salts in the air, such as in a marine environment, if the anodised finish is scratched or damaged once the frames are installed on site then it is not possible to hide or fix the scratches or marks.

This is usually the reason a powder coated finish is opted for, as well as the wide range of RAL colours available.

ADL Internal Doors with Anodised Frames ADL Internal Doors with Anodised Frames

Now there is an option of combining the aesthetic power of the anodised finish with the durability of a powder coated finish.

IGP Dura coatings are a powder coat finish in a wide range of metallic colours to create the velvet finish that can be achieved from anodising. They have great weather resistance, UV stability and longevity like standard powder coated finishes but appear metallic, allowing projects to create a metal effect finish to the framings without the inherent downsides of anodising.

The finish can be used on frames intended for internal or external use creating a deep-matt, velvety finish, free from gloss.

A great use for this finish is on steel framings which cannot be anodised. Powder coating can be applied to any metal framing including aluminium and steel in any RAL colour and also the full range of IGP’s Dura colours which means they can be used on minimal windows sliding doors.

Secco Frame Finishes

IQ’s Secco range includes luxury thermally broken steel windows and doors. These windows and doors are quite unique as the framing profiles can be manufactured from any one of the four framing materials available including Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel, Corten SteelPatinated Bronze.

Galvanised Steel

Galvanised steel is often used for a more traditional and historical finish. These systems are produced from FeP02 which is then finished with a GZ200 hot zinc coating. This coating protects the steel framing from oxidising.

Once these frames have been manufactured, they are then powder coated at 180°C to any RAL colour required with a polished, semi-polished or a rougher sable finish available.

Secco Galvanised Steel Doors Secco Galvanised Steel Doors

Stainless Steel

Two different alloys can be used to create these stainless steel frames including AISI 304 and AISI 316L. AISI 304 is suitable for more non-aggressive environments and can be finished with a satin or polished finish. AISI 316L is better suited for marine environments and can be finished as scotch-brite or polished.

Using stainless steel creates a luxury and bespoke architectural design with high levels of finish and design throughout. Stainless steel also has a reduced level of thermal conductivity, this combined with a two-part thermal break technology provides extremely high levels of thermal insulation.

Secco Stainless Steel Doors Secco Stainless Steel Doors

Corten Steel™

Corten Steel™ is created with a steel alloy that contains copper, chrome and phosphorous to provide the Corten with a warm and antique appearance.

The natural oxidisation process is accelerated with oxidising baths. This helps to create a superficial coating to the steel that protects the windows and doors from further oxidising. When choosing a Corten finish, you know that your steel window or door will be unique as it will have its own weathering patterns over time creating texture and character.

Secco Windows and Doors with Corten Steel Secco Windows and Doors with Corten Steel

Patinated Bronze

To give your patinated bronze frames a high level of resistance to corrosion, OT67 alloy is used made up of 67% copper. The other 33% is mostly Zinc, providing mechanical strength to the frames.

The bronze frames go through an acid treatment to speed up the oxidisation process, providing a more antique appearance to the patinated bronze frames. This results in a stunning set of doors or windows with a warm and elegant colour, perfect for restoration projects or luxury architectural designs.

Secco Architectural Bronze Doors Secco Architectural Bronze Doors

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