June 28, 2018

London Festival of Architecture: The Treehouse at Battersea Power Station

Written by Rebecca Clayton

glass tree house at battersea park

battersea park all glass tree house


The ‘Treehouse’ at Battersea Power Station is on display throughout June as part of the London Festival of Architecture. Dark charred wooden interior cladding juxtaposes the light reflective surface of the external mirrored glass…

The London Festival of Architecture runs for the duration of June and has free admission. This year, The Treehouse at Battersea Power Station is on display – designed and crafted by members of the London practice Studio Kyson.

All glass tree house

The Treehouse was originally the centrepiece of the ‘beneath the veneer’ exhibition in November 2016, marking the 10-year anniversary of Studio Kyson. The structure utilises reflective glass and textured materials, such as charred timber, to create a glass box structure that disappears and blends into its environment.

It is a performance of juxtaposition, a space to explore, or a space for contemplation. Using a combination of charred timber and mirrors, the structure explores the composition of light against dark. The Treehouse is an opportunity for visitors to the Festival to experience new architecture that questions perspective and contrast.

From an architectural perspective, the Treehouse stands out through the textures, form and light from its materials, but it also has the ability to blend into its surroundings through the reflections in the mirrors. The materials utilised on this project, including Shou Sugi Ban (charred timber) are at the centre of this design, which creates a beautiful formation.

glass tree house at battersea park

Reflective glass is excellent at blurring lines between form and content by reflecting the surroundings of the building or structure. The reflective glass box that IQ Glass created at Canonbury Square is another great example of reflective glass utilised to its best.

The Treehouse is available for anyone to visit throughout the London Festival of Architecture. For more information take a look at the organiser's website below:

Organiser: https://www.kyson.co.uk/#/treehouse-2/

London Festival of Architecture: https://www.londonfestivalofarchitecture.org