February 14, 2023

Latest Glass Technology: Saint Gobain ORAÉ®

Written by Michelle Martin

Stone Haven is a low carbon sustainable home with high performance architectural glazing by IQ Glass

A quick look at the recycled glass technology Saint Gobain  ORAÉ®

Saint Gobain has launched its latest technical glazing product  ORAÉ®. The breakthrough glass product is the first glass with the lowest embodied carbon on the façade market. The Saint Gobain  ORAÉ®product is the world’s first low carbon glass with approximately 40% less embodied carbon than a typical clear glass pane. While architects and specifiers all over the globe look for further ways to improve the sustainability of their designs and reduce carbon footprints, the Saint Gobain ORAÉ® sees the latest step forward in using glass as part of a sustainable building design. The purpose of the sustainable glass product was to help significantly mitigate the level of carbon created because of construction, which in turn is accelerating the levels of sustainability that the company aims to achieve.


 ORAÉ® Glass Specification

The aesthetics of the  ORAÉ® recycled glass product is the same as the standard Saint Gobain glass in terms of light transmission and clarity and has been designed specifically for facades. The recycled glass product offers low eternal reflection and a neutral tone for a clear glass design.  This is available in standard sizes and thicknesses of 4, 6 , 8 and 10mm. The recycled glass panes can have any typical Saint Gobain coating applied and then be integrated into a double or triple glazed unit for high performance insulation.


Specifying Saint Gobain ORAÉ®

Architects and specifiers must keep in mind that the ORAÉ® product from Saint Gobain is currently a very new technology. The recycled glass product is currently not held in stock and is ordered by glass producers on a project-by-project basis. This will mean an increased lead time over typical glass products. Saint Gobain has currently implemented a minimum order value of 400m2 of glass which means the ORAÉ® glass product is currently only suitable for large or substantial glazing subcontracts.


If you would like to discuss any further technical details of the ORAÉ®glass or would like to look at specifying it on a project please contact the team at IQ here. If you’re looking at learning more about the sustainability of glazing you can download our Architectural Glazing and Sustainability eBook here.