November 22, 2015

IQ Glass Sponsors D-Lab to Ensure a Community of Innovation and Creativity

Written by Rebecca Clayton

IQ Glass sponsors D-Lab, a handful of businesses photographed outside the new design laboratories in Bekhamsted. IQ Glass sponsors D-Lab, a handful of businesses photographed outside the new design laboratories in Bekhamsted.

Architect David Kirkland has launched a unique innovative project offering design space to creative businesses in return for them sharing their skills with others.

IQ glass has provided aluminium products to assist in the construction of the new D-Lab in Berkhamsted.

D-Lab is a community interest company established to enable creativity, design and innovation within local communities. The design laboratory provides co-working studio space, community digital workshops and education, mentoring & support programs to support small businesses and individuals, to reach their full creative potential. For example there are numerous design projects underway that engage local youngsters but are being led by design professionals, drone racing and 3D printed IPhone cases to name a couple.

The aim is to provide a space for locally-based designers to work and share resources together, while collaborating with one another to benefit from each other’s talents. We spoke to David to find out more about D-Lab:

 “D-Lab provides a catalyst for fostering creativity, innovation and education within the local community, regardless of age, gender or education.

We foster community collaboration, seek to initiate and support the development of new projects and businesses, and provide a bottom up test bed for the future of design and manufacturing for the UK - one that revolves around locally-distributed making, co-design and collaboration.”
                                                                                                 David Kirkland, Founder of D-Lab

IQ Glass are proud to be sponsors of such an amazing opportunity to help and support small businesses, encouraging a prosperous creative community. Without the facilities or equipment there isn’t a place to teach these skills and form the innovative ideas that the 21st century requires. The range of facilities and programs available is a significant reason in itself to sponsor D-Lab.

Why IQ are interested in helping D-Lab establish themselves:

“IQ have a reputation for innovation in glazing and we felt this was a worthwhile initiative to support”
                                                                                                  Gary Davis, Director at IQ Glass  

We look forward to see the different skills uncovered and the creativity flourish.