January 8, 2020

IQ Glass Group: Top 5 Projects of 2019

Written by Rebecca Clayton

La Madonnina, a contemporary new build home featuring large walls of frameless and slim framed aluminium windows overlooking the countryside. The lower sections feature large sliding glass doors.

The top 5 projects from 2019, as voted for by the team at IQ

IQ Glass have worked on some outstanding architectural projects throughout the years and 2019 was no different. The year saw some impressive renovation projects where many architects focused on the ‘don’t move, improve’ incentive but equally many architects created some stunning new build projects with vast elevations of glazing.

We asked the whole IQ team to vote for their favourite projects, here are the results:

La Madonnina

This luxurious new build home in Hertfordshire is a great example of how IQ Glass brings an architectural design to life. Aterlier Architects designed this impressive new build property, in the heart of the countryside, with large elevations of architectural glass to provide the homeowners with impressive views around the rural landscape.

Frameless and slim framed glazing systems were at the heart of the glazing design to maximise on the views of the unspoilt landscape. Floor to ceiling minimal windows® sliding doors were installed which created large glazed aspects for maximum light intake.

Products included:
minimal windows® slim framed sliding doors
Sieger® Aluminium Windows
Frameless Glass Balustrades

La Madonnina, a contemporary new build home featuring large walls of frameless and slim framed aluminium windows overlooking the countryside. The lower sections feature large sliding glass doors.

Kingston Road

IQ Glass installed these bespoke, tall sliding glass doors to this terrace home renovation in London. The minimal windows® sliding door system was engineered especially for this project to reach the impressive height of 4.515m. This impressive glazing installation created a double-height elevation of sliding glass doors to brighten the interior of the property while providing a strong connection to the homeowner’s garden.

Internally IQ Glass installed frameless glass balustrades to the staircase and mezzanine which overlooks the double-height glass. The interior glass balustrades allow the natural light to continue throughout the interior living spaces for a beautifully light and airy atmosphere.

Products included:
Minimal windows® slim framed sliding doors
Frameless Glass Balustrades

A contemporary living space featuring an installation of multiple tall sliding minimal glass doors, opening out onto the garden terrace

Portland Road

Portland Road’s townhouses are popular terraced homes in London which boast a strong kerb appeal. Although these properties look highly desirable from their impressive frontages, the existing interior design often makes the living spaces quite dark and disconnected from the outdoor environment. Therefore, to this property, IQ designed and installed impressively tall sliding glass doors to flood the living space with natural light.

These oversized aluminium sliding doors were manufactured bespoke using the minimal windows 4+ system which was engineered to the impressive height of 5770mm tall. The large elevation of glazing creates a well-lit interior, transforming the heritage terrace home into a light and airy living space.

Products included:
minimal windows® 4+ sliding doors

A terraced London home featuring a large wall made up of bespoke tall sliding glass doors looking in to a brightly lit minimal interior

Mill Hill London

This copper-clad extension was designed in Mill Hill, London to create a contemporary new living space for the homeowners to enjoy and create a stronger connection to their outdoor living spaces. To the full width of the extension, minimal windows® sliding doors were installed which provided a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces due to the flush threshold.

Andris Berzins & Associates / ArchitectYourHome Camden designed this extension which utilised various glazing products from IQ. The scope of glazing works included fixed structural glazing, internal steel doors and slim framed sliding doors. All these elements combined, resulted in a modern broken plan interior design.

Products included:
Minimal windows® sliding doors
Flush threshold drain
Internal steel-framed doors
Sieger® Aluminium casement doors

An open plan, brightly lit contemporary dining space surrounded by minimal glass sliding doors connecting to the garden outside

Artistic Studio

This renovation, designed by Rodic Davidson Architects, transformed a heritage artistic studio into a contemporary home. This artists studio was at the heart of an artistic, bohemian community. The architects sought to create a modern home that also encompassed the raw character of the original artist studio space.

To maintain the original aesthetic, the building was renovated with a range of steel-framed windows and doors which provided a nod to the traditional glazing design. Throughout the interior, frameless glazing was installed including frameless glass balustrades and structural glass floors to allow light to floor the living spaces.

Products included:
Frameless Glass Balustrades
Minimal windows® sliding doors
Invisio Glass Floors

An artistic studio conversion into a contemporary home, featuring a central wooden staircase lined with frameless glass balustrades. The surrounding living spaces are characterised by structural glass floors and steel framed doors and windows