January 25, 2021

Invisio Structural Glazing Now Available Curved and Triple Glazed

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Luxury home with structural glassfacade
IQ’s exclusive thermally broken structural glazing system has been updated to allow even further flexibility for architectural designs.

The frameless structural glass system was the first thermally broken structural glazing system in the UK, expertly designed by the team at IQ to address all typical installation and specification issues of structural glazing.

Frameless structural glass Invisio wallsBy integrating a polyamide thermal break within the Invisio structural fixing sections you achieve a fully insulated structural glass installation. No cold bridging occurs through the fixing details and the system was able to be tested for thermal insulation, achieving an expected Uw value of 1.1-1.2 W/m2K.

This extensive structural glazing system has now been broadened thanks to two new profile catalogues for the system.

Triple Glazed Structural Glazing

Frameless structural glass wallsThe Invisio+ profiles offer the same minimal design to the structural glazing system but in a deeper profile. This additional depth allows for the use of triple glazing and deeper double-glazed units within the structural glass installations.

Using triple glazing within your structural glass unit will improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of the glazing installation. When using a frameless triple glazed unit with Ug 0.8 W/m2K the expected Uw value of the Invisio+ structural glass installation is 0.9 W/m2K.

Luxury glazed residential coastal new buildAs well as allowing for the use of triple glazing, the Invisio+ profile also allows for the inclusion of deeper double glazed units within a structural glass installation.

When multiple laminated layers are required within the glazing design this increases the depth of the overall glass unit. The Invisio+ profiles can take a glass unit up to 62mm deep, allowing for these more complex structural glass units to be used.

Curved Structural Glazing

The Invisio profiles have now been fully tested for curved installations.

Curved structural glass installations add new dimensions to frameless and minimal glass elements. Curves within architecture add fluidity to designs that are normally dominated by straight lines and sharp angles.

New build home with curved glazed facadeThe current industry restriction on the curving of toughened glass for use in insulated glass is a minimum radius of 880mm. The Invisio structural glazing system can offer bends that are tighter than this however, this will need to be looked at on a project-by-project basis.

All thermally broken fixing details are still hidden completely within the building finishes with smooth curved glass. Multiple glass units are sealed together using structural silicone for larger glass walls or installations.

Structural glass curved windowsBoth of these extensive product updates are available for specification immediately. If you would like to include the Invisio system on your project just get in touch with the team at IQ. We can assist with costing, glass specification and feasibility exercises.


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