August 3, 2022

Innovative Ways to Use Aluminium Glazing With Wooden Beams

Written by Rebecca Clayton

aluminium glazing with wooden beams in barn conversion

There are many ways to combine aluminium glazing with wooden beams for a unique design

Aluminium and timber are popular material choices when designing a contemporary new build, creating a contrast between modern and traditional elements of the building. From frameless architectural glazing or bespoke aluminium glazing with wooden beams to wooden flooring and slim framed windows, there are a wide variety of options to suit any architectural design.

Wooden beams are often found in listed or heritage style buildings, either as an original feature or a man made solution to introduce traditional features into the design.  

Aluminium framed glazing solutions are perfect for combining with exposed wooden teams, both externally and internally. All our aluminium framed glazing solutions are manufactured on a completely bespoke basis, giving you the flexibility to design systems that are perfectly suited to timber beams in any size, shape or orientation.

Keep reading for our favourite ways to combine aluminium framed glazing and wooden beams.  


Aluminium glass doors with wooden beams 

From slim framed sliding glass doors to minimally framed pivot doors, we have worked on a number of projects combining aluminium glazing with wooden beams. One of our barn conversion projects in Bristol combined slim framed aluminium double doors with wooden beams to preserve the original character of the former barn building.

One of IQ's projects in Oxfordshire used exposed timber beams that were designed to surround the thermally broken profiles of the open corner slim sliding doors, giving the appearance of timber framed glazing from certain angles.  

When aluminium glass doors are being designed in conjunction with wooden beams, our team of designers work with the architect to determine the global alignment and ensure the glazed doors are lined up perfectly with the centre of the alignment, whether that is the wooden beams or another aspect of the build.

Slim framed sliding doors are a popular choice for properties with timber beams, due to their ability to merge indoor and outdoor areas for a biophilic design. When sliding glass doors are slid open the wooden beams help forge a strong connection with the outdoor environment, especially in rural areas.  


Aluminium windows with wooden beams 

When slim framed aluminium windows are paired with timber beams the wooden profiles can be brought over the aluminium frames for a timber effect finish, assuming handle placement and fixing details are taken into consideration in the design stage.

Wooden beams are usually in the roof eaves and are primarily horizontal whereas aluminium windows are commonly a horizontal element within a space. This creates a contrast and draws the eye upwards to the wooden beams.  

At Main Road aluminium windows with timber beams surrounding the metal profiles create a truly unique design, combining the two very different materials side by side. Aluminium windows are often specified in dark grey or black and wooden beams are usually a warm shade of wood, combining cool and warm palettes and becoming a feature within any interior design.  

The combination of aluminium glazing and wooden beams brings a modern touch to this stunning, traditional style home renovation. 


Glass roofs with wooden beams 

One of the best ways to create a contrast between aluminium glazing with wooden beams is to incorporate frameless structural glazing. The beauty of frameless structural glass is its subtle, transparent nature and flexible nature which allows it to be used both horizontally or vertically in combination with timber elements.

The team at IQ have developed a unique structural glass fixing system; Invisio. Invisio is the UK’s only thermally broken structural glazing system and can be utilised to create glass roofs that introduce floods of natural light into the space below, highlighting internal features such as exposed timber.

When IQ Glass are designing a structural glass roof, silicone jointed panes are designed with completely concealed fixing details that are thermally broken for high thermal performance. These fixing channels can be concealed with any design, including timber, for a completely frameless finish.  

Brook Barn was extensively renovated to include a glass roof with wooden beams, retaining the original charm of the farmhouse by maintaining original elements such as timber beams and exposed brick fireplaces.

The structural glass roof sits adjacent to slim framed sliding glass doors, with weathered wooden beams stretching floor to ceiling throughout the interior design.

The glass roof is split into 5 panels with slim steel joints offering additional structural support to take some of the weight off the wooden beams. Glass roofs with wooden beams are well suited to modern industrial properties, combining vertical and horizontal sightlines within the same space.  


Modern aluminium glazing with wooden beams 

Any architectural glazing solution can be designed in conjunction with wooden beams, but your chosen glazier should consider global alignment as well as design to ensure the final result meets the brief. All fixing details and opening elements must be carefully considered to ensure they are functional and operational as well as stunning.  

Another way to incorporate wood and modern glazing solutions in a high-end residential project is to use timber cladding with architectural glazing, a design trend we are seeing become increasingly popular.


Whether the wooden beams are horizontal, vertical or both, specifying modern glazing can result in stunning elevations of glass within a minimalistic space.

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