March 29, 2022

Innovative Frameless Shaped Window Designs With Structural Glazing

Written by Rebecca Clayton

How to Achieve Bespoke Shaped Windows with Frameless Structural Glazing


Structural glass products range from eaves windows to structural glass bridges, however, frameless shaped windows are arguably the most sought-after structural glazing solutions. This is because completely frameless glass installations are not hindered by limitations experienced with other systems.

IQ’s unique Invisio system - the UK’s first thermally broken structural glazing system - enables architects to work with unrivalled flexibility when designing bespoke structural glass solutions, as they require absolutely no visible frame or fixings and can be specified in bespoke shapes to suit any design requirement.

Not only can a frameless window be specified in specialist large sizes, but arched heads, angled bases, cut out notches and curved window solutions are achievable, making them the perfect option for contemporary designs, especially when uninterrupted views, ample natural light ingress and indoor-outdoor living are essential to the project.


Grand Designs Feature Contemporary Home with IQ Glass Glazing


Bespoke Frameless Window Realisations


Frameless Gable End Windows: The Moorings

Gable end structural glass windows are extremely popular amongst clients seeking to create top floors engulfed with natural light, and the ideal option for new builds as seen here at The Moorings, or refurbishments and loft conversion projects, as frameless gable end windows seamlessly follow the structure of any roof shape or size.


Frameless Arched Windows: The Old Rectory

Pill windows, or arched windows, provide an elegant, modern solution for more traditional shapes such as arches, as seen in the double height kitchen and living extension at The Old Rectory, where bespoke pill windows perfectly complement the structure's original stonework and arches, bridging old and new design elements. 

Arch-pill-glass-windows- replicating -the- shape -through- the -frameless- glass windows


Triangle Shaped Windows: Beechcroft

Standalone or combined with other glazing elements, frameless triangular windows can create minimalist and eye-catching designs to enhance the contemporary finish of a modern build. This is exemplified in our work at Beechcroft, where large, frameless triangle shaped windows add interest to the square glazing elements and overall aesthetic. 


Oval Shaped Windows: Monroe Drive


Additional natural light ingress and design interest can be achieved with frameless oval shaped windows, as seen at Monroe Drive, where a large, frameless oval window provides a creative, minimalistic pocket of light, as well as expanding the view into the outdoor pool area. Such an interesting choice can ultimately create a bright, and more importantly, unique, lighted filled home.



Curved Windows: Belle Vue

For those designs where following the build's shape is essential to the maximisation of light ingress and views, frameless effect curved glass windows are the ideal option to create floor to ceiling designs, as seen at Belle Vue, where both ground and first floor curved windows provide uninterrupted views and additional natural light.


Shaped Sliding Doors: Swallow Drive

Sliding glass doors can take any shape to match any requirements, like at Swallow Drive, where minimal windows® sliding glass doors were designed at an angle to match the roof shape of the new kitchen and living extension. Even at an angle, the bespoke shaped sash effortlessly slides along the track, all the while preserving the characteristic minimal windows ultra slim 21mm sightlines.


Combining Bespoke Fixed Glass and Sliding Glass Doors


Additional striking bespoke configurations can be achieved when pairing slim framed window systems, such as sliding doors, and entire walls of glass, creating an oversized statement window design.

IQ's Invisio system, for example, ensures comfortable interior temperatures all year round through its thermally broken nature, removing the common thermal briding issue of fixed structural glass. When combined with a sliding door system, such a configuration can reach unparalleled levels of thermal performance while achieving near incredible oversized designs.


Glass Options for Bespoke Frameless Windows


The list of specification options for shaped structural glass windows is seemingly endless, with triple glazing, curved, low iron glass, bird protection glass and acoustic reduction glass, to name a few.

Acoustic reduction glass is an ideal extra for those looking to reduce external noise in urban areas, whilst decorative finishes can be achieved by including coloured interlayers or sandblasted glass in any desired pattern. 

Solar control coatings are also available for frameless shaped windows and are recommended for south facing windows to reduce solar gain. Furthermore, IQ Glass are able to incorporate laminated and thicker glass panels where required, whilst maintaining a completely frameless design.  

To speak to a member of the technical team about specifying fixed frameless windows in bespoke shapes or sizes, get in touch here 


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