May 15, 2014

How To Increase The Value Of Your House?

Written by Rebecca Clayton

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IQ Glass - Large Sliding Glass Doors 11Guest Blog and expert advice from Place Estate Agents

Before putting your property on the market you should ask yourself – “ how to increase the value of your house and how can I achieve the best price for it?”  Having your property valued and an honest discussion with your Estate Agent can help with the decision as to whether it would be prudent to make a financial outlay, and how much of an outlay, in order to make some financial gain.

"IQ Glass UK provided fixed, frameless structural glass installations to the rear extension" "IQ Glass UK provided fixed, frameless structural glass installations to the rear extension"

Here at Place Estate Agents we will market your property, highlighting its best features, but the six-million dollar question is how much I should spend on enhancing its living space for a potential buyer?  This can range anywhere from a simple lick of paint, a complete home make-over or extending the accommodation.

There is no doubt that adding square footage can add value.  It’s generally cheaper to build space than to buy it, but make sure you do your homework first!  Look at the surrounding and similar properties in your area and their values.  See what the others have to offer.  Work out what would make your property stand out.  Here at Place we have first-hand knowledge of what is happening in the housing market generally but also and more importantly, what is happening in the local housing market.  Conservatories and loft-conversions can be a cost-effective way of adding more living space, often requiring minimal planning consents.  A golden rule though is never remove a bedroom to change its use for something else, you will not gain anything financially by doing so.

minimal framed sliding doors with glass roofInstalling some breathtaking features can reap rewards.  Bringing the ‘outside inside’ can have stunning results, where your living space moves seamlessly into the garden , can give the illusion of having added substantially more space.  The pouring in of natural light and uninterrupted views of the garden can be created by adding walls or completely foldaway doors made of glass.   The advances in technology have meant that solar control coatings now allow comfortable indoor temperatures despite the great expanse of glass.

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