November 9, 2016

How To Beat Brexit with IQ Glass

Written by Rebecca Clayton

How To Beat The Price Rise From Brexit

As we all know, on the 23rd June of this year, British citizens voted to leave the European Union. This referendum agitated global markets, including currencies, causing the British pound to fall to its lowest level in decades.

Although prices are slowly starting to rise, it seems as though people aren’t taking advantage of the current lower prices. Prices for new kitchens, bathrooms and furniture will be increasing drastically, as well as most of the architectural glazing you may be looking for to use in your renovations or extensions.

If you are thinking about renovating by installing a new kitchen and so on, then it may be best for you to focus on this now and start purchasing everything you will need before the new year as this is when you will start to notice a major increase in pricings.


Since the decision to leave the European Union, European suppliers have been increasing their prices by around 10-15%. Unfortunately, there isn’t much companies can do to prevent from having to increase their prices. However, most of these companies are finding ways to help their customers beat Brexit by offering discounts for a limited amount of time.

As IQ Glass will be feeling these effects very soon due to some of our suppliers being from Europe, it is best to place any orders shortly before the price increases and you, as IQ customers, are affected. IQ Glass can provide you with a wide range of architectural glazing systems for any project whether it be a renovation, extension, new build or even a commercial project.


Make sure you take advantage of these lower prices and beat Brexit by contacting us for a free quotation and book a visit to the largest residential architectural glazing showroom in the UK. Call us on 01494 722 880 or email us at

• IQ Group quotations are valid from 30 days of issue. After that time they are subject to any and all cost increases based on suppliers cost increases.