June 9, 2023

Glazing Projects on Old Fort Road By IQ Glass

Written by Michelle Martin

Glazing Projects on Old Fort Road

Old Fort Road is located in Shoreham on Sea in the Southwest of England. The road is surrounded by the English Channel with the River Adur flowing just behind it. Old Fort Road is famous for its incredible views and ever-increasing house designs and therefore prices. With Brighton just next door it is a hotspot for a family home or holiday getaway. 

IQ Glass has now been contracted to manufacture and install glazing on four projects all within Old Fort Road on the English South Coast. These projects contain a wide variety of glazing systems and design choices which have transformed family homes to bring them into the modern day. A great example of this is Number 16 who worked with IQ Glass and Eldridge London Architects to create the perfect beachfront family home. A common theme throughout these homes including Number 16 is that all glazing needs to withstand heavy wind loads and rainfall which is very common on the English Coast. Number 16 had minimal windows sliding doors to open the home and become one with the beachfront. A large quantity of frameless structural glass was also used to ensure the home had great views of the beach and seafront. 

Check out the 3 other projects IQ Glass have done on Old Fort Road below! 

Dune House 

Dune house is a beach inspired family home which was built throughout the covid-19 pandemic. The home consists of an arrangement of square and rectangular buildings to create a building that looks modern, without the common style of curved walls and features you see in many projects today.  

Upon entering the building you are greeted with a large frameless structural glass panel above the front door. This feature allows for sunlight to illuminate the entrance space of the home and also gives onlookers a peak through the home as the adjacent wall is a glass façade. The glass façade gives the family a stunning view of the beach while being able to withstand the high wind loads whipping onto land from the sea.  

The inside of the home has various glazing features such as a glass balustrade walkway to connect the two living spaces. The balustrade allows for the frontal window to be only obstructed by the hanging lights which was a design choice made by the client. The family residence focuses heavily on being integrated with nature, the mixture of traditional timber and beige stone combines with the white walls and crystal-clear glass to create the beachfront theme that the client wanted.  


Beachside House 

Another family home on Old Fort Road is Beachside House. This 4-bedroom house takes heavy inspiration from the pebble beach behind the house. It takes a very unique design choice in using gabions filled with pebbles to create the base structure of the building. This design choice creates the illusion that from a far the house is merging with the beach.  

In order to get an incredible view of the sea a large glass façade was installed standing at over 8ft tall. This structural glazing is accompanied by slim sliding doors which give access to the balcony where the owners can have a barbeque or relax and enjoy the sun. Some much smaller box windows have been specified for the ground floor. This ensures that a good majority of the home has a great deal of privacy and therefore comfort. The sheer size of the glass façade would have been an issue if not for our exceptional solar control glazing and U values, the sun combined with glare bouncing from the shore can generate heat that would create a greenhouse like effect in the home, IQ Glass ensured that this wouldn’t happen.  


124 is the final family home on Old Fort Road that IQ Glass was contracted to work on. The home has a substantially larger garden than the previous project therefore the beachfront view was not a main priority. For this project IQ had a wide array of products specified and installed such as a set of minimal windows sliding doors. While every project here has included a set or two of sliding doors, Number 124 opted for a style choice which meant that their doors had larger frames and sightlines than the majority of homes. This style choice makes the home appear much more ridged and strong which compliments the “stacked” structural arrangement of the home. 

Another uncommon style decision is the interior and exterior glass balustrades which have large circular frames surrounding them. The “bulkier” appearance compliments the larger door frames to ensure that the glazing has a continual theme throughout.  


IQ Glass has now completed 4 projects in this area and will continue to supply the highest quality glazing not just on Old Fort Road, but across the world as well.  


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