June 6, 2023

Glaziers of Sheldon Avenue

Written by Michelle Martin

Sheldon Avenue is one of the most expensive residential streets in London. With house prices starting from over £10 million, it is one of the busiest construction roads in North London.

Thanks to the high property values available to houses that renovation and modernise, homeowners on Sheldon Avenue invest well into their buildings, using the latest designs and highest quality materials and this no different for this glazing in London.

It is not a shock then that IQ have provided the architectural glazing to many houses along this prestigious road. As with all our glazing projects, each project we have completed on Sheldon Avenue is vastly different in their design and now benefit-bespoke glass systems, providing them with the highest quality glazing in London. 

 The Knock Down Rebuild on Sheldon Avenue

 Situated on the southern approach of Sheldon Avenue is number 23 which is immediately visible from the roadside. The red brick exterior that faces the street hides a vast and expansive home with huge glass walls.

It is at the rear of the property that you can see the impact of the architectural glazing provided by IQ. A large sunken courtyard at the rear of the house provides an open space for the basement rooms while offering views of the swimming pool on the other side of the courtyard.

All the glazing here is a mixture of slim sliding glass doors and structural glass – all from IQ – which allows natural light to filter into these spaces unimpeded, a feature that is crucial for glazing in London, due to the tightly populated area the space enhancing abundance of natural light makes a space feel much larger.

The focal point at the rear of the house is the protruding, leaning glass box. This glass structure angles out slightly from the building as well as being slightly shaped. Shaped structural glazing, slim sliding doors installed on an angle and shaped sliding glass doors were all combined into a unique and eye-catching glass assembly.

The Glass Extension on Sheldon Avenue

Just up the road sits another house with architectural glazing in London hiding to the rear. The glass extension at 28 Sheldon Avenue was created in conjunction with Burwell Deakins architects to create a well throughout out and high specification addition to the large home.

The glass extension uses slim sliding glass doors on two elevations to create the two glass walls of the extension. The glass doors slide away from the corner connection to open the entire space to the gardens.  

Protecting interior art works was of particular importance on this project, with the owners being art enthusiasts. PVB interlayers were therefore used within the sliding glass doors. These interlayers block 99% of UV light coming through glass and therefore provide protection for important materials such as artwork or real wood floors.

In keeping with the modern design of the home, the sliding glass doors were fully automated and integrated into the building’s smart home automation system. At the push of a button the glass doors open, connecting the interior and exterior areas.

The ‘Zig-Zag’ Glass Extension on Sheldon Avenue 

On the northern half of Sheldon Avenue sits another IQ project, this time creating a unique rear extension to the typical suburban house thanks to the market leading glazing in London provided by IQ.

The rear glass extension isn’t your typical glass box. The sliding glass doors and fixed glass create a shaped and angled rear elevation of glass that connects better to the garden, taking into account the upward slope of the garden, as well as a new basement cinema room.

The sliding glass doors open on the obtuse angle of the corner as well as the inverted angles, allowing for flexibility of movement through the space.

If you have any projects requiring glazing in London, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, to see how we can best aid in ensuring your project is of the highest quality.