July 1, 2024

Geodesic and lattice shape glass design projects

Written by Michelle Martin

Geodesic structural glass design to Igloo resort in Finland

Bespoke statement geodesic glass projects  

Even though the majority of the architectural glazing projects we work on are bespoke requiring extra attention at the design stage to ensure the glass interfaces well with the structure, there are special projects to which numerous 3D digital scanning surveys are frequently required, plus bespoke fabrication techniques to achieve the perfect solution to fit curves or hyperboloids.  

Some of the most striking and unique designs we have worked on in both residential and commercial projects use a geometric lattice pattern to house frameless glass.


Geodesic glass facade to The Gem in Manchester

Geodesic structural steel and glass design - The Gem

The Gem is an eclectric and innovative building in the heart of the city converted into an independent cafe with a geodesic dome glass and steel facade system. 

Much design and extensive research was required to engineer gaskets and screw components within the steel structure to fit and support this geodesic design. Each of the individual panels within the diamond shape was 3D modelled prior to manufacturing, utilising precision engineering to create completely individual sizes for each piece. When it came to installing the glass façade, each piece was individually numbered and the installers put together the structure like a jigsaw. 


Structural lattice roof design to South West London home

Structural steel lattice joint to glass roof

An intricate geometric bespoke glass roof uses steel structure to support the bearing load. 3D scanning surveys were carried out on site to ensure the angles of the lattice shaped structure matched the 3D model  100%.  Invisio structural glazing was used for this multiple pitched lattice structure.  

When designing irregular shaped roofs with geomdesic or lattice shaped structures, special drainage solutions must be considered since some structural steels are not perpendicular to the ground.

Lattice shaped structural glass roof

This unique structural glass lattice design can be regarded as a piece of architectural artwork combining form and functionality.  


Geodesic glass design in Igloo hotels 

Geodesic structural glass design to Igloo resort in Finland

The geodesic structural glass igloos of a Finnish hotel located just 250km north of the artic circle is precision engineered to encourage snow to slide off. The structure uses heated glass to enable guests to enjoy uninterrupted views of the Northern Lights with the comfort of warmth.  

The modular nature of the geodesic glass allowed for a relatively smooth installation. The awe-inspired innovative design have made Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort one of the most famous travel destinations world-wide. 


Structural lattice shaped roof to Glovers Barn 

A south facing extension to the 15th Century derelict Glovers Barn uses a structural lattice shaped roof to emulate the exposed structural timber elements of the original barn.  

A striking recessed structural roof glazing unit was installed exposing the repeated lattice steel structure allowing abundant light to flood into the space while maintaining a bold monochromatic style. 

Lattice monochromatic roof design with frameless Invisio glass

The result is an inspired and beautiful addition to a once dilapidated listed barn on the Historic England at Risk Register. 

Our inhouse technical team help architects take the complexity out of complex lattice and geodesic structural glass designs. 


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