July 25, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions: Slim Sliding Doors

Written by Rebecca Clayton



    • How has the system been tested for performance?

The minimal windows® system has been fully tested and certified at the Rosenheim Institute in Germany. IQ Glass have undertaken additional testing for Security, Air Permeability, Water Resistance and Resistance to Wind Load.

minimal windows sliding door system


    • How much does it cost?

The price of a minimal window® must be calculated as per the installation. The general price for a standard minimal windows® calculates at approximately £1,000 per m2.

sliding glass doors


    • How does the locking work?

The minimal windows® system has been fully tested to receive a rating of WKR/RC2. Multiple locking solutions are available to suit the needs of the client. This includes two-point thrust lever/key locking mechanisms, electrical locking solution and wall mounted key lock.

corner sliding glass doors


    • What base options are available?

Keller minimal windows® system offer 2 base track options:

The Flush Track - The aluminium base frame is 38mm deep which sits below the finished floor level.

The Freeway Base - This provides a completely flat and flush base track providing a visible framing of approximately 37mm above the finished floor level.

Base tracks have holes which drain water into our unique solid Neoprene drain block under each sliding door system by Keller. This acts as a drainage system for any water within the base aluminium track.

We can also offer our IQ integrated slow drain which replaces a typical french/aco drain. This allows drainage through a gutter that collects any large dirt deposits and allows the water to drain below into the drainage channel. Aco drain has a visible 17mm grate that sits flush to the tracks and can be removed for cleaning.


    • What is the lead time?

10-12 weeks from approval of the design drawing. Initial drawings take up to 20 working days.

glass sliding door system


    • What is the U value?

The minimal windows® system comes double glazed as standard, based on this specification the system is able to achieve a U value of 1.4W/m2K. This can be reduced to 0.8 W/m2K with an upgraded triple glazed system.


    • Why are minimal windows® different to your regular aluminium sliding door?

minimal windows® provide you with a floor-to-ceiling minimalistic sliding door system with barely visible framing.

ultra slim sliding door system


    • How is the outer frame hidden?

minimal windows® offers a completely frameless look to all the outer edges of the system. This is accomplished by hiding the fixed frames within the building itself.


    • What colours are available for the minimal windows® frame?

The minimal windows® system is available in any RAL colour and can also be manufactured with an anodised finish - which provides a specialist metallic finish.


    • How large can each pane be?

Each pane can be up to 8.5m2 for sliding panels or 18m2 for fixed panes and the maximum height is 4m.


    • What options are there for ventilation?

The system can be vented using slot-aeration which utilises 3-hole base and head sleeves to ensure the continuous exchange of air locking at 20mm or 40mm. This allows significant airflow whilst preventing unwanted access.