April 30, 2021

Fire Curtains: How Do They Work?

Written by Rebecca Clayton

mondrian fire rated glazing

Pair the MIRO internal glazing systems with a fire curtain to maintain the most minimal design


In residential design, there are a number of fire safety regulations that demand fire-rated door systems are used. This means that when specifying internal glazing, fire-rated systems must be considered to ensure the design is adhering to fire safety regulations and creating a safe environment for the occupants.


Fire-rated doors increase the safety of the occupants by creating barriers that stop the fire from spreading or blocking the exit route. Where fire-rated doors are required is completely dependent on the individual home layout and fire escape points. Every home must have a clear escape route and this has to remain unobstructed in the event of a fire.

IQ Glass provides a number of fire-rated systems that do follow a minimal design, but for the most minimal design, a fire curtain is a great option. Incorporating a fire curtain means that any internal glazing system, fire-rated or not, can be safely used. When not in use, a fire curtain is able to be completely concealed within the ceiling finishes, only revealing itself if triggered. It works by being connected to the fire alarm within a house and automatically coming down if a fire is detected.



The main advantage to a fire curtain is the flexibility it creates surrounding internal glazing. Architects and specifiers no longer have to compromise on glazing design, shape, or size because the addition of a fire curtain ensures any glazing specification will surpass fire safety regulations.

A fire curtain can be specified to accompany slim framed or frameless glazing systems, as well as a standalone system that can fill an archway to create a barrier between rooms. The MIRO range of aluminium framed internal glazing systems, part of the Sieger range, is the perfect system to specify alongside a fire curtain as it delivers the most minimal design possible.



When specifying a minimally framed internal glass door, whether the door is sliding or pivoting, you want to maintain the sleek designs and draw attention to the slim framing that characterizes these door systems. Fire-rated glazing, although designed with minimalism in mind, is always going to have larger sightlines and thicker frames than the MIRO range.


To speak to a member of the team about specifying the MIRO sliding or pivoting door, or incorporating a fire curtain within your design, email us at hello@iqglassuk.com.