February 19, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About the NEW Sieger® Glass Balustrade System

Written by Rebecca Clayton

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A system approach to glass balustrading

The new Sieger® Balustrade System is a contemporary glass balustrading system with 3 fixing detail options and unique drainage channels. With three base options available to choose from, you can be sure the Sieger® balustrade meets the aesthetics of your architectural design. Integrated drainage is optional with this balustrade, but each fixing detail is available with a modern drainage channel to help drain surface water from terraces or balconies.

In keeping with glass balustrading requirements, this system has been tested to a maximum height of 1.1m above FFL (Finished Floor Level). The maximum height allowance of glass balustrades vary from the type of property and the location of the glass balustrade, read page 3 of the Sieger® Balustrade technical data sheet for more information. The height doesn’t affect the width of this system, the balustrading has an unlimited width to create a beautiful horizon line of minimalistic glass panes.

Does a glass balustrade need a handrail?

Glass patio balustradeNo. The Sieger® glass balustrade system is available in two design options; a frameless balustrade design or a minimally framed option with a slim handrail. The location of the balustrade and the architectural design will determine which balustrade design option is best suited for your project.

The frameless glass balustrade and the glass balustrade with an aluminium handrail also have slightly different glass specifications because the handrail provides additional structural support and different glass thickness can achieve different line loads. The glass specification for this balustrade is:

  • Frameless Balustrade = 2x10 TXD (toughened glass) with 1.5 SGP interlayer

  • Balustrade with aluminium handrail (for 0.74kN line load) = 2x8 TXD with 1.5 PVB laminate

  • Balustrade with aluminium handrail (up to 3.0kN line load) = 2x10 TXD with 1.5 PVB laminate

Based on these glass specifications, the handrail is manufactured in 2 different sizes to meet the thickness of the glass. The ‘2x8’ glass spec has a handrail measuring 22mm deep x 16mm tall while the ‘2x10’ glass spec has a handrail that’s 26mm deep x 20mm tall.

One beautiful element of the handrail option is that the base and the handrail can be finished in the same colour and finishing technique. The aluminium base detail and handrail can be powder coated in any RAL colour, specialist metallic finishes, anodised or with a timber effect finish.

What line loading can the Sieger® glass balustrade system achieve?

Frameless glass balustrade overlooking dartmouth townThe Sieger balustrade system is fully tested for line loadings up to 3.0kN. The balustrades are designed to meet the required line loading for each individual project, meaning they are designed and manufactured on a project-by-project basis. The line loading requirements vary from where the balustrades are going to be installed, whether they are for internal or external use if they are in areas where people may congregate, balconies or stairs etc.

The base fixing details provide different line loads for the balustrades, for example, the ‘over slab’ fixing can achieve a line load up to 0.8kN, whereas the ‘slab edge’ and ‘offset over slab’ fixings can achieve up to 3.0kN. For a more detailed representation of the line loads achievable and line loading requirements, read pages 4-6 of the Sieger balustrade technical data sheet.

Are glass balustrades hard to keep clean?

Glass Balustrades on a BalconyIf a low maintenance glass coating is applied to the glass then routine cleaning of the balustrade system will be kept to a minimal amount. The low maintenance glass helps to reduce the amount of dirt and debris on the glass balustrading thanks to the exceptionally smooth coating. The low maintenance glass coating is applied to the external panes of glass to fill in all the tiny pores on the surface of the glass, resulting in an                                                                                                                incredibly smooth finish.

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Do you have any questions about the Sieger® Balustrade system? The system is available exclusively from IQ Glass in the UK, our team can help you with all your questions and provide a quotation for your project. Simply call 01494 722 880 or email hello@iqglassuk.com



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