January 22, 2020

Everything you Need to Know about our Modern Glass Technology

Written by Rebecca Clayton

Croyden college

How could you use Modern Glass Technology?

Whether you are undergoing a complete refurbishment project to create a modern home or simply looking to incorporate solutions throughout an existing property, we have solutions for everyone. We have used modern glass technology on luxury home refurbishments to create a sleek aesthetic like this one.

We also use these solutions to modernise existing properties, like this waterfront apartment in Devon which incorporated IQ heated glazing into its sea-front sliding doors. Below you will find a breakdown of each technology-based glass solution we offer at IQ.

Switchable Privacy Glass

This glass solution offers the option of having both light and privacy, unlike curtains or blinds. When the glass is ‘off’ it boasts a haze of over 90%, ensuring the glass is completely obscured, yet this has little bearing on the levels of light transmission. The result of switching the glass is instant and gives a clean hygienic design finish. Switchable privacy glass can also be integrated into curved glass, shaped and decorative glass designs.


Contemporary new build home with sliding glass doors and privacy glass

Heated Glass

The most popular of our glass technology offerings, heated glass is created by applying a transparent metal oxide coating to glass. There are many uses for heated glass, creating a warm surface, heating up a space or as a barrier against condensation. Heated glass is often used in pool or spa areas, where the minimal look is desired, as there is no need for additional blowers or trench heaters.

Often the assumption is that an entire room would have to be encompassed in this glass if it was being used as an invisible heating solution, however, IQ recommends calculating what 20% of the floor area is and installing that amount of heated glass. This is because the heat from this product radiates up to 8 metres from the glass surface it is used within. Another popular pairing for heated glass is our Keller minimal windows sliding door systems.


Indoor swimming pool with heated minimal glass walls

Acoustic Sound Reduction Glass

Along with light pollution, noise pollution is amongst the most common problems that residential properties encounter. If you’re looking to create a serene indoor environment, the outside noise affects this, particularly in urban areas. We offer acoustic sound reducing glass as a technical glass solution to this, reduction sound by up to 49Db depending on the glass makeup. It is impossible to completely stop sound coming through glass units, however, the level of reduced noise frequency that we can offer makes any background noise insignificant and therefore ignorable. If a sleek appearance is what you’re after then don’t worry, the interlayers used within this glass are completely transparent.


Contemporary bedroom with sliding glass door with sound reduction

Smart Home Automation

A seamless way to tie it all together, this intelligent home automation system can be used with IQ’s heated glass and privacy glass, both mentioned above. Not only can this be designed as part of a wider service but it can also be created to be 100% personalised, tailoring it to your individual needs. This solution can come in the form of one simple app and can also be linked with all of our automated glass installations.