May 24, 2022

Contemporary House With Bespoke Glazing in Portree Skye, Scotland

Written by Rebecca Clayton

architectural glazing in Scotland contemporary new build

A bespoke glazing package was specified from IQ for this contemporary house in Portree Skye in Scotland.

Our dedicated Midlands & North division are currently working on this contemporary new build in Portree Skye on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, designing and installing a bespoke glazing package to capitalize on the stunning surrounding views. IQ were involved in the project from an early stage, working with architects Room Studio to create a unique, one off home that is functional as well as beautiful.  

earth toned interior design in contemporary woodland new build

The contemporary new build in Scotland is located on a wooden hillside in the countryside, with views across the loch. The primary building materials that were used to create the home were locally sourced timber and stone, allowing the dwelling to merge into the natural surroundings and reducing the overall visual impact. The design and form follows the contours of the land and the dwelling has been designed to preserve the nature, reducing tree loss on the site.

contemporary new build in portree skye Scotland with bespoke architectural glazing

After careful planning and consideration, Room Studio developed a design that only required the removal of two trees on the sloping site.  

A number of slim framed glazing solutions are included in the architectural glazing package for this Scotland home, including bespoke slim framed sliding door solutions and frameless structural glazing in the form of floor to ceiling glass walls.

The highly glazed new build includes a glass to glass corner, using Invisio, our in house developed structural glazing system to create a corner connection that is extremely minimal and grants completely uninterrupted views of the surrounding nature.

Invisio is the first thermally broken structural glazing system on the market and has been utilised for many applications within this contemporary new build in Scotland, including floor to ceiling glass walls. Where multiple panes of structural glass have been used, only neat silicone joints are visible between panes.

Timber exterior cladding was chosen for its dramatic appearance, making a bold statement whilst adhering to the brief of using as many natural materials as possible. The floor to ceiling timber cladding has been finished in a dark, almost black colour and the architectural glazing in Scotland contrasts the timber beautifully.

In keeping with the surrounding environment, slim framed sliding doors from the minimal windows® range have been used to create multiple access points and allow the homeowners to enjoy the outdoors during the warmer months.  

earthy tones in modern interior design new build in Scotland

Slim framed sliding door systems have been specified in various configurations including two and three pane arrangements, each with increased mullions to meet the wind load requirements that are commonly encountered in rural Wales. The Midlands & North team took the environment and nearby woodland into consideration when designing the glazing package, making necessary adjustments to our specification to ensure the systems were suitable for the individual project.

Elsewhere on the property, a glass casement door and slim framed aluminium windows were part of the architectural glazing in Scotland package. A mixture of fixed and opening windows from the Sieger range were specified for a highly glazed design that was in keeping with the oversized sliding doors, whilst providing additional ventilation when required.  

minimal interior design with neutral colour palette

Additional technical glass solutions were included in the specification to enhance the functionality of the build, including solar control glass which has been used to control solar gain inside the highly glazed space.

The architectural glazing in Scotland was heat soak tested, to eliminate the risk of spontaneous glass breakage that can naturally occur due to nickel sulfide inclusion 

The interior design is a continuation of the exterior design, using a muted and neutral colour palette to implement a modern and luxurious treehouse-like design throughout. The interior design focus’ on textures rather than colours, using earthy tones and textures to create a serene environment that is flooded with natural light throughout the day and equally as cosy during the evenings. There is an understated tranquility running throughout the interior design, using bespoke joinery and fittings to maintain a unique finish.  


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