January 12, 2024

Accessible House Design

Written by Rebecca Clayton

wheelchair accessible sliding doors in low carbon new build Hampshire

A guide to accessible house design, featuring wheelchair accessible sliding doors  

Claywood Cottage slim sightlines glass sliding doors

When designing an inclusive home, it is important to consider factors that will impact the design such as accessibility and whether the dwelling will be suitable for wheelchair access. Accessible inclusive home design should be carefully thought out to ensure the space is suitable and functional for wheelchair access, this includes looking at the width of hallways, multi-floor travel and threshold details.  

IQ designed and installed a bespoke glazing package for Claywood House, a low carbon new build in Hampshire that was designed with wheelchair access in mind.

The architects on the project carefully thought out every small aspect of the accessible home design, including a lowered kitchen sink and an elevated washer dryer. The glazing package included a number of slim framed and frameless glazing systems, with wheelchair accessible sliding doors granting direct garden access. The wheelchair accessible sliding doors have a flush threshold complete with flush threshold drainage and allow wheelchair users to travel freely between indoor and outdoor environments.


Sliding Doors for Accessible House Design 

Flush threshold aluminium sliding doors to modern kitchen with concealed blinds

The minimal windows sliding door systems are well suited to accessible house designs, with flush thresholds that are certified for barrier-free access under DIN 18040-1 and DIN 18040-2.

Wheelchair accessible sliding doors are available in both triple and double glazed specifications, using high quality aluminium profiles to maintain the most minimal glazing design. Whether you are opting for the standard minimal windows or the 4+ triple glazed system, the freeway base can be specified to create a completely flush threshold.  

The freeway base frame has been designed to offer a level crossing across the base track, resulting in a base track that has no indents or recesses. The sliding rail is not recessed into the frame to provide a smooth, step free track option for the minimal windows sliding door system.

flush threshold base detail wheelchair accessible sliding doors

IQ recommend the freeway base detail for any installations with a large number of tracks, where the tracks are likely to be walked on with bare feet or in wheelchair accessible homes.  


Automated Glazing for Accessible House Design

Another option to consider when designing an accessible home is to automate the glazing solutions. This can be achieved using sensors or controlled via a range of options, including simple wall switches or complete smart home technology systems.

Automated openings can be manufactured using high quality motors and the speed of the automation can be changed to suit the specific needs of the homeowners, with an optional weather sensor to automatically close the wheelchair accessible sliding doors if strong rain or wind is detected.  

With wheelchair accessible inclusive house designs, there are a range of glass window and door systems with a flush threshold that can be specified in conjunction with wheelchair accessible sliding doors. Some of these solutions include slim framed aluminium glass pivot doors and oversized vertical sash windows, which can both achieve large sizes without compromising on minimal design or accessibility.  

There are a number of installations at the showroom in Amersham that are suitable for wheelchair accessible house designs.   


To speak to the team at IQ about glazing for accessible house design, get in touch with us here.