February 12, 2016

Aberystwyth Band Stand Architectural Glazing Installation

Written by Rebecca Clayton

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New Band Stand Installation in Aberystwyth Using Aluminium Bi-fold Doors

Aberystwyth Band Stand Installation in Wales Aberystwyth Band Stand Installation in Wales

IQ Glass North’s team of installers  have been battling the elements during the architectural glazing installation of aluminium bi folding doors and aluminium casement windows at Aberystwyth Band Stand.

Our highly skilled installers and dedicated project manager oversaw and ran the installation. The installation, as always, is being carried out to a high level of finish and is a crucial factor to such an important piece of history and a prestigious building.

Aberystwyth Band Stand is a huge part of the towns’ history opening in 1935 on the day of King George V’s silver jubilee. However, serve weather fronts has meant continuous damage year on year to the Band Stand, severely damaging the historic promenade causing evacuations to flooded sea front buildings.

The old timber framed windows to the Band Stand had become worn with long exposures to harsh weather conditions. The new band stand design includes a large amount of glazing therefore the window and door frames need to be long lasting, low maintenance and much more resilient to the severe weather. IQ’s aluminium casement windows and bi folding doors exceeded all design requirements with the addition of marine grade coating protecting the aluminium framing from corrosive salts found in coastal environments.

However with the installation well underway, Aberystwyth Band Stand was subjected to severe storms during the end of 2015 putting a delay on the construction.

The site manager was required, on more than one occasion, to order the evacuation of the site due to the exposed location and health and safety concerns from the large waves that could result in a variety of potentially dangerous flotsam & jetsam raining down onto the site.

During one site visit after Storm Desmond had impacted on the Welsh coast during the early part of December 2015, the site manager reported that a number of fish had been found in the car parks and on the roof of the rotunda, thrown up from the force of the storm.

The common harsh weather fronts has meant more infrastructure needed in the build pushing the project budget from £900,000 to £1.2 million and meant a delay in the project. However, the project is due to be completed by the end of February (weather permitted!) and we look forward to the finished results, especially after all of the extreme weather conditions preventing a swift installation.

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IQ-North-Aberystwyth-band-stand-installation (5) Clean up beings with the salty glazing from the rough seas!

IQ-North-Aberystwyth-band-stand-installation (6) After the calm weather settles installation process can get going!

IQ-North-Aberystwyth-band-stand-installation (2) Aluminium framing for the bi fold doors are fitted and the glazing is installed